Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Egan in my left and Misykat in my right

Well, I'm still at SBM-ITB now and Egan is finishing our SWOT and storyline homework, on my left, and Misykat is, as usual, browsing something about business. I’m in the middle, writing this post.

Today in the morning, I was very tired. I didn’t know I slept not late last night. Maybe, it was because of my mental shock of yesterday’s tragedy about my friend Randy and Misykat. An incident happened between both of them in the class. Randy was making a harsh joke to Misykat, and it has been happening for all these days. Yesterday, Misykat started to reply the uncomfortable situation from the jokes that are given by Randy, and Randy seemed took it very seriously. Randy were mentally kind of threatening Misykat by physical behavior, after Randy felt disapproved by Misykat’s reply.

My part of that incident is, I was kind of helping Misykat to ignore Randy’s threat for his safety. I did a lot of the dzikir to Allah after the incident that Misykat won’t get “physically abuse” from Randy. At the end of the class, Randy was asking Misykat to meet him “somewhere”. I started to remind Misykat to not take risk from Randy’s proposal. I told him to behave and did more spiritual way to solve the problem. Then suddenly, Randy shouted to Misykat, where he was going. Randy met Misykat in a very scary “threatening” attitude. Randy asked about what Misykat want, from the reply. Fortunately, with my dzikir and trust to Misykat, he answered “I just want peace.” Again, Randy replied with a harsh feedback. But Misykat stayed silent and accept that feedback gently. Then they both separated, and I went out from ITB with him. I told him that,

“You are mature from now. You should realize that this is the real world. You will face different kind of people with different characteristics, and you should accept that to be a good leader to yourself.”

He replied,

“Thanks, I think you could be my brother from now.”

I thank god that it didn’t happened a physical conflict between both side, but whether I didn’t get involved directly with this incident, I felt shock mixed by thanks to god. I wasn’t able to go to sleep in relax that night. That’s might be the reason that wasn’t fit in the morning, and didn’t enter the sports class.

But it’s ok; I think I did a good thing yesterday. Subahanallah.

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