Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dor Dor Tough: Emo

In the early evening, I joined APRES discussing about emo genre of music. We usually called the discussion as “Dor Dor Tough”. Until now, we don’t even know the meaning of the name, and we shouldn’t know it, as all APRES guy do.

This theme is very interesting to me, because I’m an emo lover since high school. We discussed about the existence of emo genre of music in this world, and how people care or hate about it. Emo, from the first existence in the music industry, has been criticized by a lot of media as a minor. Love and hate about emo has been spread so phenomenal, so the existences are still full of controversial until now.

I personally like emo genre, compare it to metal genre. Often people judged emo as a “cry boy” band, which only use girls as their subject of writing songs. But, if we listen to Dashboard Confessional, you will feel that emo is a more personal type of music than any other.

At the discussion, we listened to Billy’s collection of emo mp3’s, which has much kind of musicians that related to emo type of genre. We listened to Taking Back Sunday, Funeral for a Friend, Fugazi, Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate, From First to Last, Hopesfall, and much more. We discussed it about the mood of emo, and the musicality which has more of today’s metal genre, like From First to Last, Hopesfall etc.

We also discussed about the phenomenon of emo/post hardcore genre in local independent scene. We could find powerful emo bands such as The Side Project, Friends of Mine, Alone At Last, Jolly Jumper, etc. We also argued that the transition between the happenings of the metal scene in Indonesia is because of people denial about emo genre of music. The transition occurred from the transition from melodic punk band to an emo/post hardcore band such as Jolly Jumper, and the transition of emo happening to metal happening, such as Protest the Hero, etc.

It’s like, emo genre of music is now being buried again by the trend. But someday, emo would be poplular again on the next 5-10 years from now. We predict that the straight-edge genre which will be popular again in world music industry is punk rock music genre, because the interest of metal has passed out the cliché and people want to search for another genre that is more easy listening and catchy.

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