Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CRW UTS II is easy to be finished!

Alhamdulilah, I did the CRW II UTS very well. I think I will get a good score, Insya Allah.

Well, I was being noticed again by Tutor I-B class to finish the lyric that we have to use it in AR UTS. This is my job for the class, so I have a big part of this class. If the lyric hasn't been done yet, our class won't be progressing for the choreography for the song. It's funny because, it's like commercial event shows such as BCA bank night or BNI bank night in television, that some guest bands play their songs with "beautiful" choreography, that often ruin the meaning of the song. :) But it's not counted to Tutor I-B class. We will present the best choreography in the world for our songs! Watch and see!

See you!

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