Friday, March 14, 2008

Creating "Silent School"

Well, as the Artistic Recollection subject task, I should make a kind of product that the elements are consist of two combine words. There are about 50 words there, and I should combine it one another to be product.

After some time of thinking, I decided to make "Silent School". It's a school for everyone who are stressfull with crowded sounds that are produced from unwanted sources like traffic, explodes, etc., or even for the people who are addicted with sound, like addicted with music and wants to be silent, to increase their performance of working.

I'm working for the picture of the school:

This school contains psychology training, silent room, and alternative language education. The funniest thing about this school is, there are alternative business language conventional body laguages learning, such as Morse language, or hand language. So, people can decrease amount level of sound decibel inside their ear that will decrease stresses and sound addiction. :)

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