Monday, March 31, 2008

Blizzard in Bandung

After Sky and Sight performed, on about 13.00, there was a blizzard (ice rain) outside.

Here is the video:

Allah hu akbar! This is the first time I saw and experienced a blizzard in my life. This is trully a phenomenon of global warming, like Al Gore always tell to the world.

After the blizzard occurred, I frequently asked my friends about their experiences coming to SBM-ITB building in blizzard. Some of my friends who brought cars, were afraid going outside of the car, and my other friends with motorcycle came to the building with all wet on their motorcycle jackets.

Then, I heard an information from Akif, one of my upper class mate, that there were 2 persons got killed because of the timber of a giant tree in Jl. Ir. Juanda that smashed a car, in front of Boromeus Hospital, because of the blizzard. I shocked after I heard that. It's the everyday road way of my destination to my rental room to SBM-ITB.

The biggest question mark for me is, Indonesia is located in the horizon with tropical climate. But how can it be a blizzard in here?

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dix said...

wew! yok! what a shockable video you've got...! i can see the ice clearly..
that's why i decided not to go to the communication class. in that time i was in my house, and when i want to go out to my garage to start my car. the 'storm' was came. wew! i shocked. and decide to back to my afternoon sleep. hehe. :p