Saturday, March 15, 2008

Al-Izhar Orchestra at Kuningan

My sister conduct the orchestra!

This is an event that is held by Al-Izhar Orchestra Community, which is a musical community that leaded to popular orchestra music, that is used as the bowl to fill all Al-Izhar people (students from kindergarten to high school, parents, and all academic cavity of Al-Izhar) interest in music.

The gate open on 16.00, and the show was held until 17.30. The orchestra performed about 15 popular songs from all over the world. The orchestra consisted of all candidate members from kindergarten to the parents and teachers.

Here are the final song's video:

I met Rishad with his girlfriend, Ritza at the time. He actually watched the show without my notice. I knew that Rishad was coming to the show, I would have joined him to go to Jakarta, because he's also an ITB student in Bandung. I could save money to Jakata with travel if I joined him to Jakarta. :) He watched his sister played percussion at the show, and he said that the performance was great.

I also met one of my junior high school friends TG, and I think she came with her boyfriend. Well, I've never been at the same class with her at junior high school, but I recognize him trough my friends and the yearly book of my junior high school. I was also being "Hi!" by Astari, one of my junior high school friends too.

Whew! That's a great nostalgic of my junior high school, which has a lot of fun mixed by traumatic events which made me decided to go to public high school after it, which is 66 high school, the best high school in the world.


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