Tuesday, March 11, 2008

66 is my high school!

I got this photo on ITB TPB Cup 2008 competition, when boys futsal SBM-ITB team won 8-o from Material-ITB team, February 10th 2008.

"66 is my high school. I learned a lot and I start my live in here. Even though it hasn't been famous, but I found an extraordinary school." - Tri Handoyo

In the past there should be a contradictive situation between 66 high school and 34 high school. Those public schools are located in the same area, which is Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. The history about both af the school is like this:

History from the begining

One day, 34 high school, which is located in Margasatwa Road, Pondok Labu, received a huge number of students. Then, the school decided to make a "distance class" which is located in Bango Road, which is the seed of 66 high school. As the time went by, the "distance class" is getting full of students. Finally, at the mid 80's, the "distance class" gave birth of 66 high school. Then, at early 2000's, there were a major rehabilitation which the school were migrated to another place, which is located on Andara Street. The school on Andara Street were only have 3 buildings, 1 floor, and 1 basketball field, which is actually a rented place for an elementary school.

But after the rehab has done in 2004 (the year I entered the school) the school was entirely placed at Bango Road and being opened by DKI Jakarta's Governor, Sutiyoso. The school was further developing it's system and facilities. At that year, when I was at the first class, my second and third class students, still had felted being at the school on Andara Street.

Conflicts with 34 high school

At the transition time between the "distance class" until it became 66 high school, there were often happened some conflicts between 34 and 66 high school. The jealousy from 66 high school about 34 high school, and the provocation from 34 high school to 66 high school made a lot of conflict between others. This situation might be happened because of the cruelty that 66 high school couldn’t achieved the condition as the same curriculum as bests high school had, like 34 high school. Also because of the psychological situation of 66 high school students who felt sad and regret that they couldn’t achieved to enter 34 high school.

The moment that changed the school’s future

But after the curriculum changed that allowed any school be the best school in town, 66 high school started to change his mind set to achieve the best school in town from the education. His first target is to pass 34 high school, which has been one of the best high school in Jakarta for a long time.

66 high school started to concern about the school facilities. 66 high school had actually be one of the first internet base scored in South Jakarta public school, passing 70, 6, and 34 high school as some of the best public high school in Jakarta. I actually amazed when one of my friend told me that now, 66 high school has achieved the “plus” high school status in Jakarta, which has applied a lot of technology information facilities at school such as computer based projector on every class, finger print absence, and more facilities for the blind person and the other disabilities.

66 as an inclusion school

Oh ya, I forget to tell you that this is one of the special system that is applied in 66 high school that we called it inclusion school. If we read on Wikipedia, inclusion school means, the school that accept people with disabilities. This could widely describe at blind persons, deaf persons, muted person, and the other types of physical disabilities, which could still follow the school daily activities.

I one of my friend, Dimas Prasetyo Muharam, who have a website, a Friendster account, and a Blogger, also who won an essay competition, endorsed by plasa.com who won a Windows Vista laptop as the first prize (at that time was very prestigious), is actually a blind person. He is now be the second blind person who entered University of Indonesia, the best university in Indonesia (ones that ITB always be the second from it), majoring English Literature. He was actually my table-friend on the first (X-H class) and the second class (XI Social 1). We always chat about technology information, and he always up to date with it. Started from antivirus to HTML and Java language, almost every kind of technology information we discussed it together, and I personally like to make conversation with him about topics better than with the others.

He learnd all the things from the Mitra Netra Foundation, which supported blind person to be open with information and technology. They have 24 hour internet access, and a screen reader application name JAWS, which could narrate everything we do on the computer. From there, he, with his friends Aris, Trian, and others, learned about how to make websites from knowing and learning the languages by autodidact. They did it every day after they finished their homework, which was given by the school, also in Mitra Netra.

I wouldn’t have this kind of experience and network if I entered another high school.

This is the photo on the school trip to Bandung, West Java (the city where I study now) on June 6th 2006.

I am very proud to be alumni of 66 high school. Thanks everyone!

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