Monday, March 31, 2008

Blizzard in Bandung

After Sky and Sight performed, on about 13.00, there was a blizzard (ice rain) outside.

Here is the video:

Allah hu akbar! This is the first time I saw and experienced a blizzard in my life. This is trully a phenomenon of global warming, like Al Gore always tell to the world.

After the blizzard occurred, I frequently asked my friends about their experiences coming to SBM-ITB building in blizzard. Some of my friends who brought cars, were afraid going outside of the car, and my other friends with motorcycle came to the building with all wet on their motorcycle jackets.

Then, I heard an information from Akif, one of my upper class mate, that there were 2 persons got killed because of the timber of a giant tree in Jl. Ir. Juanda that smashed a car, in front of Boromeus Hospital, because of the blizzard. I shocked after I heard that. It's the everyday road way of my destination to my rental room to SBM-ITB.

The biggest question mark for me is, Indonesia is located in the horizon with tropical climate. But how can it be a blizzard in here?

Sky and Sight Live @ Tutorial I-B, SBM-ITB Building

On 11.30 on the afternoon, Sky and Sight was performing live at Tutorial I-B class, School Business and Management ITB building, Bandung. It performed 3 rearranged songs from Angels and Airwaves - "Everything's Magic", Box Car Racer - "There Is", and blink-182 - "Not Now". The show was privately watch by several SBM-ITB students, such as Deru, Wildan, and Qhisti.

Here are the videos:

"Everything's Magic" from Angels and Airwaves

"There Is" from Box Car Racer

"Not Now" from blink-182

The show was very good, and it brought the audience to sit back and relax. :)

Sport activities for college students

This is the essay that I did in finishing the CRW II task in the morning to make an essay with category. This is actually a homework for Wednesday, but I have already finished it. :)

Sport activities for college students

Most of college students are usually have big interests in sports. They often ask their friends to join playing and doing sports together. But in crowded city, people are often gets hard to find spaces and places to play field sports. That’s why; many indoor sports are built to fulfill the people needs f sports in the city. Popular indoor sports can are classified the most popular for the college students are indoor soccer (futsal), indoor basketball, and indoor hockey.

Nowadays in big cities in Indonesia, indoor soccer is being one of the most popular sports for the college students. The rules are a little bit different that outdoor field soccer. This sport is being the students favorite because, it requires a lot of persons to play the sport, which are 6 persons each teams, with total 12 persons on the field. They have to apply team work to be able to rule the game. The winner is the people who can score most of the goal on the match, which located on each side of the field on the ground. The sports don’t require any other equipments or items beside soccer shoes and soccer ball. It also requires a big stamina to play the sports.

Indoor basketball is also a popular indoor sport for the college students. Different from soccer, the sport requires lesser people to play the sports, which are 5 persons each teams with total 10 persons on the field. But same with indoor soccer, indoor basketball is also requires a lot of stamina to play it. They should also apply teamwork to do the sport, like soccer do. Indoor basketball has different places to score the goal than indoor soccer, which are the rings are located on the air of each side.

One of the most popular indoor sports by college students is indoor hockey. This sport has the biggest number of people playing in the field, comparing with both 2 of the sports, which are consist of 12 persons each teams with total numbers of 24 persons on the field. Between indoor soccer and basketball, indoor hockey has the most items used at the sport, which are hockey shoes, hockey sticks, and hockey ball. But indoor hockey has the same goal score as indoor soccer sport, which is located on the ground. They should also apply team work to rule the game like indoor soccer and indoor basketball.

Those three sports are the most favorite indoor sports for college. Three of sports are recommended to be played together with college friends in every free time of the college activate. Don’t forget about the preparation of the stamina, equipment, and the knowledge of each rules of the games.

Keep the sport of life!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tutorial I-B got 93 on Artistic Recollection UTS

Alhamdulillah, Tutor I-B got 93 for the Artistic Recollection mid-term task, which is held on Friday, March 28th 2008. Although it's the second best from the Tutor I-D class who got 97, it's equal to the effort of our class, because the logistic seems didn't really care about the preparation of the properties, as Mr. Benjon revised our class.

But it's ok, we have to not be the first in every Performance Skill or Artistic Recollection task, because we have also learn the mental to be better and better, like Tutorial I-D class did in several tasks. For example, tasks before UTS, like UAS (end semester task) on Performance Skill, actually Tutorial I-D did good performance as our tutorial class, but because we followed the rule of 20 minutes role, so we won the first position among the others. From this situation, I saw that Tutorial I-D class were learning something important from their lost, that they could accept their lost and be better at the next chance, which is the Artistic Recollection UTS.

"Sometime, we have to learn how to lose to learn how to win" - Tri Handoyo

The most important of the UTS is, Tutor B-and performed "Permadani dan Kaca" in front of SBM-ITB students in Auditorium class, opening and closing Tutorial I-B UTS performance :) Here is the video:


Our class has an Arabic theme because our product, which is flying carpet and mirror map, has a big relation with Arabian view. The name of the flying carpet is Nebuchad and the mirror map is Nezzar. We made a big billboard for our show, named "From Baghdad with Love". It's a big banner pictured Eswan and Vidia, as the main characters of Aladdin and Jasmine.

The story began with Jasmine who is broken hearted with Aladdin, because of his broken and poor flying carpet that made him late to pick up Jasmine in an occasion. Then, Aladdin had an idea to search and buy a new flying carpet that he found at Ace Hardware. Then he shown Nebuchad and Nezzar to Jasmine and asked her to fly together with her to Istanbul, and all over the world.

The show was getting more interesting with the MC, which is Nigor and Della, who attracted the audience to be curious with the product at first, and amazed after the product were show to the audience. When the products were shown, 6 Nebuchad and Nezzar banners around the audience were opened. The Jin and Abu, which are Jatun and Hanif, with the accompany of several logistic crews in black apparels and headscarf, brought Nebuchad and Nezzar to the stage, and with Arabian music covering the chill color of the show, lifting Aladdin and Jasmine with Nebuchad and Nezzar flying all over the world, with the slide show the 7 miracle world and the rest fantastic places in the world made by Ian and Ikhsan Nurhadi. Later, an audience was asked to try Nebuchad and Nezzar to fly away to the sky, and unfortunately Redo, a student from Tutorial I-C class is chosen to be the person who was lucky to try Nebuchad and Nezzar.

The show ended with the high spirit musical performance by all of the students in Tutorial I-B class, singing "Permadani dan Kaca"

It was a great show, and I hope that Tutorial I-B class could learn something important to do better preparation for the next final tutorial AR performance, which is the UAS performance. Good luck!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sky and Sight practicing in Imam Bonjol no.12

On the late evening, Sky and Sight, which is Yoyok and Elmar, were practicing for the April 5th "Acoustic Across 2008" competition. They practiced "Everything's Magic" from Angels and Airwaves, "There Is" from Box Car Racer, and "Not Now" from blink-182. The only audience who saw the performance was only Misykat, who were came in to the room of acoustic. Sky and Sight were beautifully arranging the songs with double acoustics and vocals. It occurred about 1 and a half hour.

Playing Everything's Magic, Yoyok is beautifully picking each guitar strings and singing powerfully, with Elmar is covering the unfilled song space with marvelous melody. The second song which is There Is was sung by Elmar, and Yoyok was playing the melody and the backing vocal. The third song, which is the final most powerful song, is Not Now from blink-182. Yoyok singing without the lyrics and playing the melody of the song, and Elmar got the lead of the song.

Sky and Sight - Everything's Magic

Sky and Sight - There Is

Sky and Sight - Not Now

It was a great afternoon for Yoyok and Elmar, and they decided to practice again on Sunday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I felt like Chris Carraba and yesterday is my father's birthday

Yesterday, finally, I finished the lyrics for Tutor I-B class Artistic Recollection UTS. It’s entitled “Permadani dan kaca” as it relates to our products. I made it in the week schedule of UTS (mid-term tasks), with some external pressure from my friends to finish it early. I just did it on the afternoon, after the UTS of ETSF (Ecology, Technology, and Sustainable Future) on the 1st floor of SBM-ITB Computer Lab. Actually, it added plenty of revised after I printed in, but it was just getting better and better as I revised it. One of my friends Jatun told me that it has a big influence of Rocket Rockers, but I just didn’t realize it after he played “Tergila” guitar riff. It kind of popped up on my mind that it almost has the same characteristic of one of the best band on my melodic punk list.

I first wanted this song to have melodic punk characteristic, as it always is my core of music as I started to get into it for the first time in my life. I listened to some melodic punk albums in recent days before I finished the music and the lyrics such as Radiohits, Kuro, Nudist Island, Topi Jerami, Rocket Rockers, and Buckskin Bugle. I wanted to add the spirit of melodic punk songs as my biggest influence in making music, combined with positive point of views, as Tom Delonge as committed to Angels and Airwaves songs. I always like the spirit of melodic punk type of songs, but I rarely found types of songs that have positive lyrics. So, it’s kind of my experiment of my revolutionary work to do this project.

After I finish it, I copied it for 35 pages to be shared to Tutor I-B class at Ikhsan Nurhadi’s House at Pondok Hijau Residence, Geger Kalong, Bandung. This is the first time I perform “Permadani dan Kaca” solo in front of sing-a-long circle. I felt like Chris Carrabba playing acoustic guitar solo, with everyone circling and sing-a-long together into his songs. It felt amazing!

Watch the video:

And, this is Chris Carrabba in Dashboard Confessional playing “Screaming Infidelities” with everyone sing-a-long into it.

It’s truly amazing that I practiced the song better and better after I perform it. After a whole day practicing the show, we ended up our busy day of practicing with again sing-a-long with “Permadani dan Kaca”. This time I perfectly matched the song with the lyrics and I performed it perfectly with solo guitar. But, I didn’t record it for the end show.
It’s ok, and I hope that the best performance come in the UTS show from our tutorial class. I hope that we could do the best and be the best tutorial class again, continuing the Performance Skill first winner.
My father’s birthday

Yesterday was also my father’s birthday, and I couldn’t celebrate it in Jakarta, because I’m still in Bandung right now. But I made him a morning call and evening call to him. I prayed for my father that everything he does will bring usefulness to himself and the people. I also prayed for his long-last healthiness and success. He thanks back to me and asking me when I go back to Jakarta, and I said that it might me next week.

Ok, Dika has come now, I have to get prepare for the show, bye!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make rich other people, so you will be rich by the people

"Make rich other people, so you will be rich by the people." -Mario Teguh-

That's one wise quote that is spoken by Mario Teguh, Indonesian Business Art Consultant, that I always remember. I means that if you want to get rich, make rich other people. So, you will appreciate yourself that you be able to make other people rich, that will bring richness on you.

I add this quote for my opening post because apparently, one of my high school friend just SMS me something that goes fundamental for her life. He asked me that she want to borrow some money for paying her college fee. It shocked me very much, that I was just enjoying my guitar playing in my school year.

I enjoy my activities inside and outside college very much without any burden of economy. I just don't have to think about the money and the cost of living, that is given by my parents. But actually, my friends out there are counting every Rupiah to be able to cover the prior things that they need to continue their college.

I've just reply her SMS that I want to speak to my mother first, and I'm convincing her that she would get the money from us. I have to be more thankfull to Allah that I could study at one of the most expensive college majority in Indonesia, which is School Business and Management ITB. I hope there are plenty of useful things that I can share with my friends after I graduated from SBM-ITB.

CRW UTS II is easy to be finished!

Alhamdulilah, I did the CRW II UTS very well. I think I will get a good score, Insya Allah.

Well, I was being noticed again by Tutor I-B class to finish the lyric that we have to use it in AR UTS. This is my job for the class, so I have a big part of this class. If the lyric hasn't been done yet, our class won't be progressing for the choreography for the song. It's funny because, it's like commercial event shows such as BCA bank night or BNI bank night in television, that some guest bands play their songs with "beautiful" choreography, that often ruin the meaning of the song. :) But it's not counted to Tutor I-B class. We will present the best choreography in the world for our songs! Watch and see!

See you!

2605m circling Sabuga in 15 minutes

I did 2605m in 15 minutes for my Sport mid-term task, and I'm glad for it. It shows about 6 and a-half circle of Sabuga running track. I actually only drink Energen cereal with Oatmeal for my breakfast. I also almost got late to go to Sabuga in 07.00, because I woke up in 6.15 and was very tired after yesterday's cold long-road motorcycle journey from Gegerkalong to my rental house, back and forth.

Alhamdulillah, I did the running very well. I kept saying in my head about Tom Delonge's ideas to make Macbeth as vintage running shoes, soccer shoes, and vintage style classics. Even though I put up on a black Converse All Stars, I was feeling that, it could put me on the greatest obstacle on earth. It could be a guy from across the street finding the the girl of his dream by put on his shoes, like Tom said about Macbeth.

It always be "The Sport of Life"!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Practicing AR at Ikhsan's House in Pondok Hijau

Our tutorial class were practicing at Ikhsan's House in Pondok Hijau, Gegerkalong. The house is near Daarut Tauhid, the pesantran of AA Gym, one of the most famous Da'i (Islam lecturer and speaker) in Indonesia. The place is a bit far from ITB, which is in the North West of Bandung. I have to use my full jacket to ride my motorcycle, because the place is cold in the night.

We ride from SBM-ITB to Ikhsan's House after we all finished the UTS of Statistic. I asked everyone to go first without me, because I'm still doing my previous post. :) After I finished writing mu post, I went to Hoka Hoka Bento first, as everyone promised to go there. When I arrived, everyone have finished eating their foods. It's ok, because I'm still full from the breakfast foods, which are a lot.

Uniquely, everyone were making a tower from the Hoka Hoka Bento's rice bowls, and I got the chance to put on the last bowl on the top of the tower, from Della's bowl. :)

I took the picture of it:

After we all finished eating, we straightly went to Ikhsan's house. There, we were practicing all the rundowns of the show from begining to the end. We got the total illustration of the show on the practice, except the final scene, which is the music sing-a-long, which I haven't finished up the lyrics. :) So, our class success is counted on me, as the lyrics maker. It's because, if the lyrics still not finished, the choreography won't be working for the scene.

But, we were all fun there, and we hope that we could do the best at the UTS-day.

The key to success in Math and Statistic

Wow, the Statistic UTS was amazing!

Alhamdulillahhirabbilalamin! I finished the UTS (mid-term task) Statistic well. Even though I did the 3rd question false, but I’m still thankful to Allah that I could finish the task. The task was held from 13.00-14.45 at Auditorium for 3 root questions. The first question is about Binomial Probability with Indonesian language. The second is about Normal Distribution, and the third is about Poisson, which are both of them used English language. The first and the second one, I did it a bit confuses at first, but I actually finished it. The third question I was wrong using equation, which is Binomial. It was a tricky question with high level of understanding. Actually, the right way to finish it is by using Poisson equation.

But it’s ok. I’m very glad because I can, at least, finishing 2 from 3 of the questions with self confidence. That’s the most important thing! Even though the answer could be right or wrong, I did it clearly with some corrections at sometime. I could do almost all of the questions because of yesterday’s group learning with Dika and Ikhsan at my kosan (rental room), and morning reread and rewrite.

The key

After this result, I can tell you that the key to success in Math and Statistic is to learn together with our friends. We could share our knowledge about Math and Statistic to one another that will shorten the time of full study from the textbook. We could also ask questions and finding the answers together with added fun. Things that should be note before learning with friends is by first adding commitment to each of the members of the group, that the purpose to learn Math or Statistic together is to get better understanding of Math and/or Statistic. From there, conducive environment of studying will be built for itself.

I hope that I could, at least, get B from Statistic UTS and I’m proud of myself! Subhanallah!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Finished the statistic group learning, gladly!

Starts from the afternoon to the evening, I study Statistic subject all the time. We have the chance to learn the Binomial Probability, some of Poisson, Joint Probability, Conditional Probability, and Bayes’ Theorem. We are Me, Dika, and Ikhsan with fun!

In the free time spaces, we shared our stories about our high school experiences and our goals in the future. I told Ikhsan and Dika that after I graduated from SBM-ITB, I want to come back home to share all the knowledge that I have in SBM-ITB, to all my friends and make a rockepreneur with them, like Tom Delonge did to his local hometown, San Diego, California, for more positive ways. It might be local apparels, lifestyle items, and musical projects to make some movements in my local hometown Pondok Labu. I want to purpose some of my high school friends together making things that we like, such as design graphics, bands, media, and educations. My goal is to create positive point of views to people mindsets that can lead to the better future developments. I have already thought about some consequences that I have to challenge to apply these things, and I hope it can always be fun and positive.

We ate at Gampung Aceh for our dinner, with plenty of storytelling, jokes, and world topics from one another. Alhamdulillah, the study went very well, and we ended our group study with bless and pray to god that it could be useful for tomorrow’s Statistic mid-term task. Amin!

I did the Communication mid-term task

Well, the questions were actually very simple, but I think the answers were very tackling. I just realized that had already made 2 false from the questions. But it’s ok, I passed it well. The last question was a very describing question which used half of the working time of mine. It asked me to describe overall of my discussion group works that we’ve done, related to Communication. So, I wrote all items that related to out TV commercial projects about traffic policies.

Now, we are discussing AGAIN about Artistic Recollection mid-term task project. We’ve decided to use Nebuchad as our flying carpet product and Nezzar for our mirror map product. The name is taken from one of the most famous Egyptian king. We do costumer fest style for our project.

Julian and Nigor just said to me to finish the lyric for the musical closing scene. It just made another dilemma to me that tomorrow is the Statistic mid-term task. Time management is very-very important in this crucial time.
This is the most difficult task of mine. Always be my most difficult subject, about anything that are related to math theory.

Insya Allah, I got the best score for my Statistic task. Amin!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kick Andy in ITB and received "Laskar Pelangi" Special Edition book, straight from Andrea Hirata

Kick Andy in ITB

As we know, Andy F. Noya creates an inspirational talk show TV, named "Kick Andy". It's new motto is "look with your heart". "Kick Andy" is being one of the most famous and influential talk shows in Indonesia, as it broadcasts inspiring true stories from people, to some controversial topics, such as the Timor Timur, coup de tat hero, which has been founded killed, circa this week. Now, he made some "Road to campus" project to be closer with the students, that will be next Indonesian future leaders.

ITB got his chance to meet Andy F. Noya in "Kick Andy", today, within ITB Expo 2008. They invited 2 ex-ITB rectors, which is Kusmayanto Kadiman Ph.D, Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Arismunandar, and today's ITB rector, which is Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso Msc. They also invited Dolly, Head of Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro who leaded the Palapa Dam pilot project for adding self-electricity for unelectrified village in Garut, and Riska, a 3rd junior high school student from 5 High School, Semarang, Central Java, who founded a natural non-chemical colours from kubis merah (red gabbage).

The show is opened by the performance of Bali Dance from MGG-ITB, which is Balinese Culture Community ITB.


Kusmayanto Kadiman Ph.D
"Any contribution of research for countries development, will be given tax to cover the liabilities."
"Work group is the key to get easier creativity."
"Technology is Knowledge, Engineering, Art, and Economy."
"Albert Einstein said that the prospect of the goverment is to protect creative individuals."

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Arismunandar
"Success is diciplice, and keep promises."

Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso Msc.
"We should have "Modal Insani" to make all essences of academic from the lecturers, the students, and the environment, have the same desire to develop."
"The more modern mindset that the people have, the more expensive is the time."

Andy F. Noya
"Success is happy and glad in the deepest heart about what I'm doing"

I received "Laskar Pelangi" Special Edition book, straight from Andrea Hirata!

As a blogger and a writer, I was very glad to be able to receive "Laskar Pelangi" novel, which is being ranked as Indonesia's Most Influential Book, straight from Andrea Hirata, the writer. I got it after I answered a ridiculous question from Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman, Ph.D, which is:

"What's an Arabic word of Kubis?"

Then I raised my hand and screamed,

"Sibuk!" :) And it's correct!

I'ts obvious that an Arabic language is being read from right-to-left. So, I just applied it to the latin words. :) I wondered, why there were so many people who couldn't answered that simple question?

The answer made me recived the "Laskar Pelangi" novel straight from the hand of the writer, that has been added his signature on the first page.

Rest of the show

The rest of the show is the Saman Dance performance by UKA-ITB, which is Aceh Culture Community ITB, and Angklung music perfromance by KPA-ITB, which is Angklung Music Community ITB, playing 2 songs from traditional to "Mission Impossible".

The closing is also the launching of "Anak ITB bicara" book, which is a compilation of essays from all over the ITB majorities, describing about being a usefull people from the application of majorities that are existed in ITB. I didn't join the competition, but fortunately, I wanted to join it very much. I did 50% of the essay, and it was unaccomplished until the dead line. Tight schedule of SBM-ITB, made me ran out of time, to finish the essay.

That's the end of the show, and I got a photoshoot with Andrea Hirata, and extra signature of my name, "Yoyok".

The show was great, and usefull for myself. Thank you ITB Expo 2008 committee to make this kind of event. I hope this event could be long last and keep usefull to the others.

I'm not joining ITB Expo 2008 bicycle convoy

Unfortunately, my Polygon Brodway bicycle tire is broken, so there are no air that can be filled in the tire. The plan was actually, first, I woke up in the morning, pray subuh, and waiting for Haikal, one of my friend who also has a bicycle, came to my house. But actually, he didn't came, and after I re-checked my bicycle, the tires are broken with dryness.

Well, it's ok, because the spare time can be used to rearranged Rockepreneur. At 9 o'clock, I have to be at SBM-ITB to continue the practice of AR subject. This subjecti is fortunately only contains of 1 SKS (smester study time), but the efforts are biger than finishing 4-5 SKS. But we all enjoying it, especially me as the music section.

OK, see you guys! Dika will come at the short time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Presenting Tutor B-and!

An untitled minus-one song from Tutor B-and.

The video is taken on March 18th 2008, in Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 12, room 9. For your information, Tutor B-and is born in March 14th 2008, as Mr. Benjon (our Artistic Recollection lecture) gave Tutor I-B 2010 class a project for our mid-semester task for a launching product. Tutor B-and is the musical project for Tutor I-B class that consist of Me, Deru, Dika, and Tita, to fulfil the prestige image of the product that Tutor I-B class will release, which is a flying carpet, and mirror map.

Me and Deru, acoustic guitarist/vocalist and electric lead guitarist of Tutor B-and.


Practicing AR at Hanif's house, I got the music section again

On the late afternoon, we, Tutor I-B class practicing for the mid-semester Artistic Recollection task to make a launching party at Hanif's House. I got the music section again, and I'm very glad!

Hanif's House is placed in the Northern of Bandung. It's near with ITB, but it's on a hill, so we can see a lot of panoramic sight from his house. We did the first time rundown for the project. The music section (Me, Dika, Deru, and Tita), had already made 2 "minus one" songs and 1 rearranged song, which is "A Whole New World", Aladin's soundtrack.

Our product for the launch is a flying carpet, with a mirror map. So, we decided to make the launch party with the color of the Egyptian. So, the music is like an Egyptian type of songs. We practicing from 15.00-18.00. It was a lot of fun, especially Sandy's act which is product description, which was very entertaining.

We hope that our tutorial class could do the best class among the others.

Who said eating in Bandung is easy!

In the morning I was hungry and I decided to cook at the first time in studying in Bandung (proper cook). I went to Alfamart and bought noodle, eggs, and instant fried rice seasoning. Then after I start to cook, I realized that the gas went out, so I called the gas station to refill it. Fortunately, their suppliers were all in holiday because of the Easter Day for the catholic. Then the adventure occurred.

I decided to take the 14kg ELPIJI gas tank to the refill station, and did you know, there only one refill ELPIJI gas station in Bandung, which is in Emong Road. Where is Emong Road anyway? Fortunately it’s located in the center of Bandung near the 5-way crossroad. My house fortunately is on the Northern Bandung, so I have to travel around several km to the station. The first problem occurred when I miscommunication the information about the place of the station, which make me travel around Bandung on the wrong direction. After traveling unguided, I decided to turn back home to ask again the right address.

With son of Mamang (AA) I travel to the center of Bandung and finding the station together with the 14kg gas tank, and 2 persons in one duck motorcycle (Honda Karisma). Alhamdulillah, I passed a lot of “friendly” traffic lights with green one that made my journey clear. With some direction from the pedestrians, we finally found the Emong Road is. After we bought the new gas, we realized that it was getting heavier to be lifted. So, my Karisma could only reach maximum 40 km/hour.

I went back home and started to put on the gas tank to the stove. AA and Teteh (daughter of Bibi) were very afraid to change the refill or even get any close to the tank, because of the paranoid of the exploded tank, which seemed that “well socialized” by the TV. So, because of my confusion, I called my home at Jakarta, which is taken by Om Parno, to ask how to change the refill properly. Finally, I changed it and started to cook my dipped-unfinished noodle cooked. I cooket it plain without any add of soy sauce, salt, sugar, or anything else, just the Indofood instant fried rice seasoning. Then, I added a chicken egg. After it was finished, it actually tasted bad. :)

Well, but because I’m hungry, I start to eat it. Until now I haven’t finished the eating and it’s still on my table. This experience make me realize that eating in Bandung is actually very hard, not as easy as medias told Bandung is. There only a few supplies of ELPIJI gas, which is very fundamental for people to cook their food. So, being gas suppliers might be a great business in Bandung. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What’s the different between old school women and modern women paradigm?

As I watched the film Monalisa Smile, I can classify that the old school women paradigm are more traditional with their culture. At the film, the culture that is shown is the old British culture which is still separating gender and close with the church.

The 50’s

As I review the movie, I can describe that the culture on the 50’s, has man on the higher position than woman. Woman is being taught as a bachelor, only for adding prestige to get the prestige husband also. Bachelor degree is the end of career in education for woman if they’re being a wife for the man. Success of women is counted by the ability to be a wife of a wealthy and rich people. It’s also taboo if married woman still came to her parent’s house. It shows that the woman still not get along with her husband, which is being a characteristic of unhappy family.

The Modern

Nowadays, woman is having the same status as man. As the paradigm change to be more diverse in globalization era, people are not dividing by the gender anymore. Competencies and talents are what the world wants, towards the economic age. Woman is now being able to do most of man work and fully loyal to companies. There are no limited boundaries anymore for women to express their talent and interest to fulfill their needs.

The key success of women nowadays, is the same as everyone else, which is freedom to be able to do any career, being a good wife for her husband, being a good mother for the children, and being useful to everyone else in the world.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Al-Izhar Orchestra at Kuningan

My sister conduct the orchestra!

This is an event that is held by Al-Izhar Orchestra Community, which is a musical community that leaded to popular orchestra music, that is used as the bowl to fill all Al-Izhar people (students from kindergarten to high school, parents, and all academic cavity of Al-Izhar) interest in music.

The gate open on 16.00, and the show was held until 17.30. The orchestra performed about 15 popular songs from all over the world. The orchestra consisted of all candidate members from kindergarten to the parents and teachers.

Here are the final song's video:

I met Rishad with his girlfriend, Ritza at the time. He actually watched the show without my notice. I knew that Rishad was coming to the show, I would have joined him to go to Jakarta, because he's also an ITB student in Bandung. I could save money to Jakata with travel if I joined him to Jakarta. :) He watched his sister played percussion at the show, and he said that the performance was great.

I also met one of my junior high school friends TG, and I think she came with her boyfriend. Well, I've never been at the same class with her at junior high school, but I recognize him trough my friends and the yearly book of my junior high school. I was also being "Hi!" by Astari, one of my junior high school friends too.

Whew! That's a great nostalgic of my junior high school, which has a lot of fun mixed by traumatic events which made me decided to go to public high school after it, which is 66 high school, the best high school in the world.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Why am I late?

This morning I late again! :( Well, it’s sucks when I’m late. It always feels me underrated. I think I have to classify why I often late in the morning. Here we go:

1. Morning in Bandung is very cold. Well, I think this is an excuse, but it’s true!

2. I wake up with a mess room.

3. I have to wudhu with very cold water for pray Subuh.

4. Then I have to search some food, which there isn’t any around my rental room’s house.

5. Sometime I am distracted with my messed up room, so I tried to clean it up

6. Then, I’m thinking up about the tasks that I should collect today.

7. I should change up my scheduled day books from my backpack.

8. After that, I tend to take a cold shower (very cold), which sometime make me lazy to do it.

9. Sometime the towel and cloth that I need are still at the laundry that makes me have to go to the laundry to check up some of my clothes. (Sometime, I realized that the clothes aren’t available after I take the shower. This makes me have to put up my used clothes again to go to laundry to take my cleaned shirts first.)

10. Sometime the towels aren’t dry yet, which makes me lazier to take the shower.

11. After take a shower, I have to recheck the things in my backpack.

12. As I want to go to the campus, I have to first put on my “complicated” motorcycle jacket, which sometime it’s still at the laundry that I should take it from it first.

13. Then, I put on my backpack.

14. After that, I have to put on my helmet.

15. Then, I take up my room keys, motorcycle key, cell phone, and my wallet (that sometime one or more things above are slips anywhere. I should waste my time searching for it.)

16. Don’t forget to put on my socks.

17. I go out from my room, and then lock my room door. (Sometime I forgot to take my room keys inside my room, so I should go back to take it first than lock my door.)

18. Then, I have to put on my tie shoes. (Sometime I forget the keys now, after I tie my shoes, that I have to put of my shoes again and take my keys inside my room, which has been locked, then lock my room again and put on my tie shoes again.)

19. I have to open the double locked front door of the house, go outside and double lock the door again. (Something the “things” above happens at this time that I have to repeat the steps again.)

20. After that, I have turn on my motorcycle. Before that, if it rains, I have to first clean the motorcycle seat from the water to prevent my pants gets wet. (Something the “things” above happens at this time that I have to repeat the steps again.)

21. I have to open the huge padlock on the front gate first before I can go out from the house. (Sometime the key of the padlock still left in my room that I have to repeat the steps above to get the key in my room.)

22. At last, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

After you read this, are you started to think that my rental room in the house is like a prison? Look, I have to double open and double lock 3 doors (room door, front door, and front gate). Well, at least the front gate, which uses a padlock.

Then, the lists above still haven’t count the cold weather, which freezes my steps. It hasn’t finish until that. I have to enter the ITB motorcycle parking lot on the Northern side that creates a new problem. I have to pay the retribution for Rp500, which is a coin that is sometime slipped in my wallet, which is slipped in my jeans (still on my motorcycle). Then, if I haven’t got the correct money, I have to grab the exchange and the weak water paper ticket that I should keep it, on my left hand, and my right hand is still on the throttle switch. I have to do it quickly, because the other motorcycles behind me are waiting.

After that, I should search for the right place to park my motorcycle. It’s because the motorcycles are very messy arranged on the parking lot, and I’m quite difficult to find for my best place for my motorcycle. Sometime I got the farthest place from the campus. Then I have to walk (or run) for approximately 250m to my campus from the parking lot. If it’s an auditorium class, I have to take the stairs to the second level of the building (because there isn’t any lift or elevator in my campus), than enter the auditorium gate, which has a big digital clock above it.

How long does it takes?

The fastest I’ve done to reach those steps from the beginning to the very end (the auditorium class), is about 15 minutes (that’s without any kind of problems of the “things” above).

The longest time I have reached the steps are 2 and a-half hour (without any tolerant of late :)). This is serious! I woke up on 04.30 in the morning, and I did all the “things” and I made to enter the class 6.59 (one minute before the class start). It’s weird!

With any tolerant of late, the longest time I’ve reached the “steps” are 5 and a-half hour. I missed the whole first class (that’s after I recognize that the rules is like that, If we late one minute, we aren’t able to enter the class, so I decided to pass the first class, after I’m sure that I’m late). I’ve woke up 04.30 in the morning and do all he steps above, but unluckily, I’ still late tough. It’s totally weird!

Well, as you can see, you can lean a lot from my experience, and I myself, have to learn more to do better things. But how?

Simple minded and think about somebody else that needs our availability and help if we came to the class.

GME publication meeting

At the end of the day, I went to APRES to get the job schedule to spread the "Coming Soon..." Ganesha Music Events 2008 flyers to places at Bandung. I got to spread in Chiampelas with Luthfan as the leader.

The schedule are:
Monday, March 17th 2008
Monday, March 24th 2008
Friday, March 28th 2008 (spread posters)
Friday, April 4th 2008 (spread posters)

Creating "Silent School"

Well, as the Artistic Recollection subject task, I should make a kind of product that the elements are consist of two combine words. There are about 50 words there, and I should combine it one another to be product.

After some time of thinking, I decided to make "Silent School". It's a school for everyone who are stressfull with crowded sounds that are produced from unwanted sources like traffic, explodes, etc., or even for the people who are addicted with sound, like addicted with music and wants to be silent, to increase their performance of working.

I'm working for the picture of the school:

This school contains psychology training, silent room, and alternative language education. The funniest thing about this school is, there are alternative business language conventional body laguages learning, such as Morse language, or hand language. So, people can decrease amount level of sound decibel inside their ear that will decrease stresses and sound addiction. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodbye Mamang!

Yesterday and 2 days ago was a tough day for Mamang, my rental house father. He did a blood clean again at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, after suffering form kidney failure about 2 months ago. The cost of treatment has been covered by our family, for Rp1.944.000. Mamang is a poor people from Banjaran, West Java. His house with his family has broken down and they have to build their house again from scratch. They don’t have money to build their own house at Banjaran, so at this time, Bibi, Mamang’s wife life and work at my rental house Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 12 as the laundry and room cleaning.

I covered him first Rp1.000.000 to be able to enter the hospital for the blood cleaning treatment. Then the rest of the money, I gave it yesterday, after Mamang came back to Imam Bonjol. Mamang said a very big thank you to me, my mother and to all members of the family. He said that nowadays, people who like to help people like him are very rare, and he prayed for our family healthy and success, directly in front of me. Mamang and Bibi, cried for the care, and decided to call my mom, to speak directly to Mamang. Mamang also told thank you to my mother.

I am very glad that I, fortunately, could help a person that needs the help (Insya Allah), because, not all people who wants to give care to someone, are being the people needs. Insya Allah, the care is being blessed by god, and it could support my blessing to god. I realized that actually, life won’t be mortal. Someday we will die, and we should make our life is useful to the people for our “miracle house” at the “next life”.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

66 is my high school!

I got this photo on ITB TPB Cup 2008 competition, when boys futsal SBM-ITB team won 8-o from Material-ITB team, February 10th 2008.

"66 is my high school. I learned a lot and I start my live in here. Even though it hasn't been famous, but I found an extraordinary school." - Tri Handoyo

In the past there should be a contradictive situation between 66 high school and 34 high school. Those public schools are located in the same area, which is Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. The history about both af the school is like this:

History from the begining

One day, 34 high school, which is located in Margasatwa Road, Pondok Labu, received a huge number of students. Then, the school decided to make a "distance class" which is located in Bango Road, which is the seed of 66 high school. As the time went by, the "distance class" is getting full of students. Finally, at the mid 80's, the "distance class" gave birth of 66 high school. Then, at early 2000's, there were a major rehabilitation which the school were migrated to another place, which is located on Andara Street. The school on Andara Street were only have 3 buildings, 1 floor, and 1 basketball field, which is actually a rented place for an elementary school.

But after the rehab has done in 2004 (the year I entered the school) the school was entirely placed at Bango Road and being opened by DKI Jakarta's Governor, Sutiyoso. The school was further developing it's system and facilities. At that year, when I was at the first class, my second and third class students, still had felted being at the school on Andara Street.

Conflicts with 34 high school

At the transition time between the "distance class" until it became 66 high school, there were often happened some conflicts between 34 and 66 high school. The jealousy from 66 high school about 34 high school, and the provocation from 34 high school to 66 high school made a lot of conflict between others. This situation might be happened because of the cruelty that 66 high school couldn’t achieved the condition as the same curriculum as bests high school had, like 34 high school. Also because of the psychological situation of 66 high school students who felt sad and regret that they couldn’t achieved to enter 34 high school.

The moment that changed the school’s future

But after the curriculum changed that allowed any school be the best school in town, 66 high school started to change his mind set to achieve the best school in town from the education. His first target is to pass 34 high school, which has been one of the best high school in Jakarta for a long time.

66 high school started to concern about the school facilities. 66 high school had actually be one of the first internet base scored in South Jakarta public school, passing 70, 6, and 34 high school as some of the best public high school in Jakarta. I actually amazed when one of my friend told me that now, 66 high school has achieved the “plus” high school status in Jakarta, which has applied a lot of technology information facilities at school such as computer based projector on every class, finger print absence, and more facilities for the blind person and the other disabilities.

66 as an inclusion school

Oh ya, I forget to tell you that this is one of the special system that is applied in 66 high school that we called it inclusion school. If we read on Wikipedia, inclusion school means, the school that accept people with disabilities. This could widely describe at blind persons, deaf persons, muted person, and the other types of physical disabilities, which could still follow the school daily activities.

I one of my friend, Dimas Prasetyo Muharam, who have a website, a Friendster account, and a Blogger, also who won an essay competition, endorsed by who won a Windows Vista laptop as the first prize (at that time was very prestigious), is actually a blind person. He is now be the second blind person who entered University of Indonesia, the best university in Indonesia (ones that ITB always be the second from it), majoring English Literature. He was actually my table-friend on the first (X-H class) and the second class (XI Social 1). We always chat about technology information, and he always up to date with it. Started from antivirus to HTML and Java language, almost every kind of technology information we discussed it together, and I personally like to make conversation with him about topics better than with the others.

He learnd all the things from the Mitra Netra Foundation, which supported blind person to be open with information and technology. They have 24 hour internet access, and a screen reader application name JAWS, which could narrate everything we do on the computer. From there, he, with his friends Aris, Trian, and others, learned about how to make websites from knowing and learning the languages by autodidact. They did it every day after they finished their homework, which was given by the school, also in Mitra Netra.

I wouldn’t have this kind of experience and network if I entered another high school.

This is the photo on the school trip to Bandung, West Java (the city where I study now) on June 6th 2006.

I am very proud to be alumni of 66 high school. Thanks everyone!

Sky and Sight join Acoustic Across 2008 competition

Today I wrote some songs to perform it on Acoustic Across 2008. I registered the competition today with Elmar, and came with the name “Sky and Sight”. This is a simple idea what sky affected human emotion from their sight. The sky can add more inspiration and make people relax when they see it, even in the crowded city. The place we registered is in Sentra Auto Building, Chiampelas Road. I choose Elmar as my band mate because of our same favorite music to punk rock and blink-182, and he is seeking for a band too.

The register was quite complicated that we should transfer the money to the Mandiri Bank first to the committee, because the event organizer is from University of Indonesia, which is located in Depok, West Java. The judge will be some of the most influential persons on Indonesian independent scene, which are Iyo (Pure Saturday’s vocalist), David Tarigan (Aksara Record), and Sandra (Trax FM). I think this is one of the most prestigious acoustic band competitions because the publication and the sponsors are a lot. Even the registration costs Rp100.000, and limited for maximum 50 acoustic bands all over Indonesia.

I choose to join the Acoustic Across 2008 competition, is because I want to move my first step to be a musician. This is also supported from the fact that Pure Saturday, one of the biggest independent bands in Indonesia, has the first track record as the first champion of acoustic competition all over West Java. Then, I love Dashboard Confessional, Angels and Airwaves acoustic, Box Car Racer, and Meg and Dia, which has a powerful performance of acoustic music. So I’m very sure to join this competition.

How can I join it if I don’t have a band? As Tom Delonge said in his interview with Larry King Live, he started his new band Angels and Airwaves from the friendship first. Then, he searches for the people who play the instrument he needs, and pray to God that it will be gathering. So, I decided to follow Tom’s suggestion. I picked up Elmar, is because we have the same interest in our junior high school music, which is blink-182. We also had playing “Letters to God” from Box Car Racer, and “Man Overboard” from blink-182 together to fill the APRES 16th birthday celebration.

I hope this band could be the best acoustic band in the world. I start to write some powerful songs for them, which contains high level of positive music, self education, and love.

Insya Allah, we could in the competition fairly and full of soul of love and friendship.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Java Jazz Festival 2008 at glance Part 2

This is me with my brother Iwan. We parked our car outside the JHCC Senayan parking lot. We actually parked it in Taman Ria Senayan :) This was trully big advantage for us at the end of the show, that we didn't have to do a long fuel-wasting expensive car queue to the outside door. Just dis a little bit of longer walk to the parking lot, we just have to went freely without any car queing at all. :)

Here's the video me, with my brother, walking to Java Jazz Festival 2008:

Here are some of Bobby Caldwell performances:

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hi, I'm at Java Jazz Festival 2008 right now!

I post this write on the Web Corner on Java Jazz 2008

So crowd in here! JHCC is full of Jazz minded people!

I watched some actions from the Jazz (and not really Jazz) stars, which are James Ingram (not so good for me), Glenn Fredly, and others.

I’m here with my old brother Iwan.

We played Guitar Hero on the Telkomsel stand.

Then we went around the JHCC to find something unusual happened at the show.

Well, apparently, James Ingram’s songs were not really good for me. But he went down to the audience and met them directly. The first song had a technical problem that the microphone didn’t come out sounds, but it was safe before James Ingram himself got to the stage.

Here are some of his performances:

We tasted Java Jazz’s expensive tastes. My brother bought Rp40.000 sandwich, and I bought Rp40.000 spaghetti, for the dinner, and it actually tasted like ordinary. Well, we didn’t watch Renne Olstead apparently. I actually wanted to watch it because she is famous from MTV, and I knew some of her songs. But it’s ok; I’m not a big fan of her though.

Btw, I came here because of the free ticket from my uncle. I’m not a Jazz listener though. But I just want to see, how come the show could be so happening in Indonesia. Even, one of my friends, Dika from Pekanbaru, always come to Java Jazz every year. I met him at the crowd.

Well, there is a free Bobby Caldwell ticket to go. I have to enter the Plenary Hall now. Bye-bye!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dor Dor Tough: Emo

In the early evening, I joined APRES discussing about emo genre of music. We usually called the discussion as “Dor Dor Tough”. Until now, we don’t even know the meaning of the name, and we shouldn’t know it, as all APRES guy do.

This theme is very interesting to me, because I’m an emo lover since high school. We discussed about the existence of emo genre of music in this world, and how people care or hate about it. Emo, from the first existence in the music industry, has been criticized by a lot of media as a minor. Love and hate about emo has been spread so phenomenal, so the existences are still full of controversial until now.

I personally like emo genre, compare it to metal genre. Often people judged emo as a “cry boy” band, which only use girls as their subject of writing songs. But, if we listen to Dashboard Confessional, you will feel that emo is a more personal type of music than any other.

At the discussion, we listened to Billy’s collection of emo mp3’s, which has much kind of musicians that related to emo type of genre. We listened to Taking Back Sunday, Funeral for a Friend, Fugazi, Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate, From First to Last, Hopesfall, and much more. We discussed it about the mood of emo, and the musicality which has more of today’s metal genre, like From First to Last, Hopesfall etc.

We also discussed about the phenomenon of emo/post hardcore genre in local independent scene. We could find powerful emo bands such as The Side Project, Friends of Mine, Alone At Last, Jolly Jumper, etc. We also argued that the transition between the happenings of the metal scene in Indonesia is because of people denial about emo genre of music. The transition occurred from the transition from melodic punk band to an emo/post hardcore band such as Jolly Jumper, and the transition of emo happening to metal happening, such as Protest the Hero, etc.

It’s like, emo genre of music is now being buried again by the trend. But someday, emo would be poplular again on the next 5-10 years from now. We predict that the straight-edge genre which will be popular again in world music industry is punk rock music genre, because the interest of metal has passed out the cliché and people want to search for another genre that is more easy listening and catchy.

Egan in my left and Misykat in my right

Well, I'm still at SBM-ITB now and Egan is finishing our SWOT and storyline homework, on my left, and Misykat is, as usual, browsing something about business. I’m in the middle, writing this post.

Today in the morning, I was very tired. I didn’t know I slept not late last night. Maybe, it was because of my mental shock of yesterday’s tragedy about my friend Randy and Misykat. An incident happened between both of them in the class. Randy was making a harsh joke to Misykat, and it has been happening for all these days. Yesterday, Misykat started to reply the uncomfortable situation from the jokes that are given by Randy, and Randy seemed took it very seriously. Randy were mentally kind of threatening Misykat by physical behavior, after Randy felt disapproved by Misykat’s reply.

My part of that incident is, I was kind of helping Misykat to ignore Randy’s threat for his safety. I did a lot of the dzikir to Allah after the incident that Misykat won’t get “physically abuse” from Randy. At the end of the class, Randy was asking Misykat to meet him “somewhere”. I started to remind Misykat to not take risk from Randy’s proposal. I told him to behave and did more spiritual way to solve the problem. Then suddenly, Randy shouted to Misykat, where he was going. Randy met Misykat in a very scary “threatening” attitude. Randy asked about what Misykat want, from the reply. Fortunately, with my dzikir and trust to Misykat, he answered “I just want peace.” Again, Randy replied with a harsh feedback. But Misykat stayed silent and accept that feedback gently. Then they both separated, and I went out from ITB with him. I told him that,

“You are mature from now. You should realize that this is the real world. You will face different kind of people with different characteristics, and you should accept that to be a good leader to yourself.”

He replied,

“Thanks, I think you could be my brother from now.”

I thank god that it didn’t happened a physical conflict between both side, but whether I didn’t get involved directly with this incident, I felt shock mixed by thanks to god. I wasn’t able to go to sleep in relax that night. That’s might be the reason that wasn’t fit in the morning, and didn’t enter the sports class.

But it’s ok; I think I did a good thing yesterday. Subahanallah.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Battery Anomaly

I was surprised when I saw my laptop when I opened it after a long standby.

Look at this picture:

It could be counted that my battery could reach 62 hours 20 minutes, in 100%. :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rockepreneur has entered Google

If you type "rockepreneur" at Google, it will show up like on this picture:

It reminds me about Brokenplectrum who have been on hiatus for my high school past. I always search for the update for it's popularity on the internet, by adding the blog on ping sites on Technorati and Feedburner.

But then I realized that popularity wasn't the one I search for the most. It ruined my honesty for the continuity of my blog. It made me sick to open my own personal blog because I began to dissolve myself to people demands and mindsets.

I don’t want the condition to be happened again, and with Rockepreneur, I have to look at myself as Tri Handoyo, a 19 year old person who is adventuring for his unforgettable journey of life with Tom Delonge as his hero.

"We try to change the world by first changing ours." Tom Delonge - Angels & Airwaves

Welcome to Rockepreneur!

SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team won the TPB Cup 2008 trophy

Finally, after a long routine training and some work hard, SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team got their biggest price of it. They got the first champion of the TPB Cup 2008, one of the most prestige newcomer’s student competitions in ITB, competing with teams from other majorities, after won against PL-ITB (Plano logy) for the score 2-1. I brought with Sigap’s snare drum to not lose for PL-ITB’s supporters who seemed has made some choreography to support their team, and also documented some unforgettable moment of the goal and the winning.

The final round was very tight, and each of the team was having the same size of supporters. SBM-ITB with the yellow shirt was actually being lost 0-1 from PL-ITB at the first round. But they eventually made up some tactics and strategy to be strong enough to face the opponent at the second round. Their biggest spirit of this game, as it being told by Nidia, is “Have fun!” It might be the one who made the team could keep in spirit. The game was very tight after Nindi, made a “Beckham style” goal from the free kick at the last 1 minute at the second round. It made the supporters from both of the team went crazy.

The referee gave the game of 2 extra time match, and SBM-ITB leaded the match from the first kick off. But the defense of PL-ITB, seemed very hard to be passed, which made the end of the first extra time match, didn’t create any goal from both of the teams. Apparently, at the second half of the extra time match, the supporters were surprised after Vidia from SBM-ITB team, made an aggressive movement that created a goal at the last 1 minute for the SBM-ITB team, which ended the game for 2-1 to SBM-ITB.

Here’s the moment of the last goal of the match by Vidia and the winning scene of SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team.

The game was slightly ended after a goal score from SBM-ITB team, and the team was celebrating the wining surprise with their supporters.

They prayed and we celebrated the day-ole-ole, the day-ole-ole!

Alhamdulillah, our pray is being blessed by the god, so the SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team could win the competition. Although the boys futsal team has been beaten by FTSL-ITB A team, for 4-1 and missed their chance to get into the final, the team got the 4th champion of the boys futsal TPB Cup 2008 championship.

Congratulation for both of the team (and the supporters :) )! If it’s not from our unity, it wouldn’t be happened like this.

(Btw, where am I? Oh, I’m behind Ican, the biggest man on the left, grabbing broken drumsticks. :) )

Saturday, March 1, 2008

SBM-ITB girls futsal enter the final round of TPB Cup 2008

This is the recorded scene of the pray before the game.

Fortunately, our pray is accepted by the god. SBM-ITB won the semi-final game against SF-ITB, and made to enter the final round of TPB Cup 2008. The game was very interesting, although SBM-ITB supporters seem didn't very enthusiast in supporting the game like the last game. The reason is because at that time, SBM-ITB wasn’t very united and there were supporters who tried to lead the players, which made some players at the field felt distracted. There were also some explicit words told by the supporters to the opponent players and supporters. However, at the end, SBM-ITB supporters were glad after their girls futsal team made to enter the final round which will hold tomorrow at GSG ITB.

The game was very tight. Each of the team had their own playmaker, which is Qhisti from SBM-ITB, and number 10 from SF-ITB. The game went end 3-3, and given a penalty round. SBM-ITB won for the penalty round.

This is the moment of winning from the penalty round.

“SBM-ITB 2010 masuk final!”

Semoga sukses SBM-ITB girls! Hope you be the first winner of the TPB Cup 2008.

Meg and Dia - The best front-girl band I've ever saw

Meg and Dia make breakthrough with a sweet powerful front-girl band. I first recognized this band through Angels and Airwaves. I saw that Meg and Dia is a band that’s being the opening for 2008 Angels and Airwaves tour. It was getting more interesting after Tom himself noticed that, the first big event of blink-182 was being an opening band for a punk rock band Fear, and it’s very contrast to blink-182 genre of music, which is pop punk. So, after Angels and Airwaves added Meg and Dia to join his 2008 tour, I started to think that Meg and Dia could be a huge in the future. I I am a listener of Dashboard Confessional, so I first checked Meg and Dia on the Youtube for their acoustic performances, and I really surprised that Meg and Dia, were actually an acoustic type of band, before now being a full band.

Meg and Dia - "Setting Up Sunday" acoustic at KWCR Radio

The first song that I watched and listened is “Masterpiece” acoustic version on the radio. They are actually great! Dia has a powerful soul mellow voice, and it is accompany by Meg’s simple indie guitar type of music with her sweet backing vocal. I started to search for another Meg and Dia’s live acoustic songs, and I found them a lot. The second song I watched and listened is “Setting Up Sunday” which is a very sweet song. It reminds me about M2M, but Dia sings more powerfully. After that, I watched and listened more to their acoustic performances such as “Cardigan Weather”, and “Roses”. Meg and Dia is collaborating brilliantly, and they brought their acoustic performances very clean.

Meg and Dia - "Monster" at Bling Fest 2007

At that time, I haven’t heard and saw any Meg and Dia full band performances, so I directly stated their genre of music as Indie Pop Acoustic. But it was changed after I listened to their full band performance at Bling Fest 2007. The first performance I watched and listened is “Monster”, the last song they performed at the show. The song, apparently, is typical like Evanescence, but have more brightness and melodies. The performance is awesome! At the end of the song, Dia went downstage and sang near the audience. It’s amazing! I didn’t realize that they were actually a powerful rock band. No wonder that Mag and Dia join Angels & Airwaves as their 2008 opening performance tour.

Check out their myspace. This is a great band!

Girls Futsal, Boys Futsal, APRES Mustang Metal, and me

There were 2 big events for ITB students, but conclude as 3 big events for the SBM-ITB students, which are Girls Futsal, Boys Futsal, and APRES Mustang Metal. Girls Futsal is a TPB Cup Event for The new ITB students. Yesterday, SBM is competing with FTTM (Oil Major). Gracefully SBM-ITB won 1-0 and the crowds were supporting the game very much. SBM-ITB used yellow shirt for their costume, and the FTTM girls used red shirt. He audience was very crowded, supporting each of the team. The game went very interesting. Both of the team has almost the same skill, but SBM-ITB has more teamwork than FTTM. The goal was made by Qhisti, one of SBM-ITB favorite playmaker. The crowds from SBM-ITB, were shouting her name frequently. The game made SBM-ITB enter the second game of the cup.

The next is the boys futsal. I didn’t watch the game though. But, it was interesting that the boys futsal made up for the quarter final after 2 big won 8-0, and 4-2. I didn’t know what’s the score of the boys last evening game, but I think SBM-ITB won again.

About APRES Mustang Metal venue, I didn’t watch the event either, because I want to stay at my room, continuing my records. I think I should have some friends for making these records sounds better, and also get motivated. I’ve invited Dika last evening, but he couldn’t come because he had a promise with someone.

Well, I have 3 targets to catch, which is attending the seminar, which has “Bob Sadino” as the keyspeaker (which I’ve lost it because, I didn’t realized that it has been 1 March 11.35, and I still in my room, typing this post), joining and finishing the ITB Expo 2008 Essay Competition, and joining Acoustic Across 2008 Competition. But, I haven’t finished the essay, and I’m still waiting for my mom’s email about the sources that I need, in fulfilling my essay. I also haven’t finishing the song that I want to compete in Acoustic Across 2008. I also want to go to Tiga Negeri Musik, and Genta, Ujung Berung, for searching about Indonesian guitars.

I wanted an adequate acoustic guitar, which can fulfill my needs of playing and making sings like Dashboard Confessional, Meg and Dia, Pure Saturday, and some of blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves. Then I also wanted a camcorder, which I can use it to make reviews and writing more interesting by adding more multimedia, which is video. That’s why I join some of competition which I think I can do it and love it. The only key that I have to be focus and simple minded of what I’m doing.
Pray for me for good. Thanks!