Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Won as a mafia :(

My last post about this ended erased before I publish it. :( I unfortunately pushed delete after I drag all the post, and there is no undo! ********* So, here’s the new one.

It's a, sick game ever. I'm sorry friends for wasting your trust on me, especially for Inez, Gumi, and Nigor. I hate doing the game. It sucks.

The game that I played is the game in the CRW II subject. It’s a mafia, police, doctor, and townpeople. People are randomly got their part from the small paper that is shaking in a glass without anyone recognizes it. Fortunately, I got the part of the mafia on the group. I should lie that I’m a mafia by told everyone that I’m a townspeople. The result is that people wasted their trust on me.

Akhh.. this time writing suck! If there is undoing, this writing goes better. My tip: Don’t ever write post directly on the post page on Blogger. Write in your word processor that has undo facility.

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