Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's Global Warming?

After I watched An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, I interested to write about global warming. What’s global warming?

Global Warming

Global warming is the increasing of the world temperature that is caused by the green house effect that’s created by human inefficient activities in fulfilling their daily needs and using technologies which affected the natural environment. The green house effect itself was first identified by Joseph Fourier in 1824. It’s the process of warming the planet by the increasing of emission, and electromagnetic radiation that’s created by human activities.

“Now, global warming has not being political issues anymore, but has been reached the moral issues.” That’s the quote from Al Gore who won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize award for his efforts to build up knowledge about man-made climate change, and laid the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract global warming. His quote told that global warming has been a massive problem to the world that the world itself has to counter it by changing their behavior and mindset about the importance to take care of natural environment.

It also reported that global warming has a connection with the increasing of CO2 in the world. Future CO2 levels are expected to rise due to ongoing burning of fossil fuels and land-use change. The rate of rise will depend on uncertain economic, sociological, technological, and natural developments, but may be ultimately limited by the availability of fossil fuels.

Process of Global Warming

The process of global warming is first come from the sun that shines the earth. The radiation of the sun are being absorbed and reflected throughout the atmosphere and went back again outside the atmosphere. But, because the atmosphere layer has been re-layered with emission and electromagnetic radiation, the sun radiation, couldn’t go back out from the earth and being stayed at the earth. This is the green house effects that would cause the increasing of temperature in the world. Even more, the increasing of the CO2 in the world would erode the atmosphere which makes the atmosphere thinner, and easier to hollow that makes the amount of the sun radiation would be bigger and easier to come to the earth.

Effects of Global Warming

Most of the natural sites, such as the North Pole, and the Antarctica, are really affected by global warming. The increasing of the world temperature by the sun radiation that was prison by the atmosphere layer which has been layered with emission and electromagnetic radiation, cause the North Pole and the Antarctica’ ice are melting. This situation would cause many changes is natural circulation that would caused many disadvantages to the society who live on the earth.

Directly, the cause of the North Pole and Antarctica melting would cause the increasing level of the sea. This would cause many floods in the world and smaller ground level for human to live. Indirectly, the melt would damage the hot and cold water circulation of the sea. This would cause unpredictable circulation of fish to catch as the basic of human need of consumption. It also affected the agricultural societies that would harm their circle cultivation, which also the basic need of human consumption.

The increasing of temperature in the world would cause many unpredictable disasters like storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes which would ruin people’s life, such as the Katrina.

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