Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tri Handoyo Acoustic performed at Saska's house Alamanda Street no. 87, Bandung, celebrating APRES 16th birthday

Finally, this is the first time Tri Handoyo Acoustic perfom live! Yesterday, 15th February 2008, APRES-ITB celebreated it's 16th birthday at 16th of February. So we had a gathering, watching movies, and life performences by APRES-ITB's members. I had a chance to perform live there, but because I had only short time of preparation (2 days), I performed live personally with my Oni laptop.

The first program was, we introduced each of ourselves to all one by one. It was a secret crowd there on that living room, especially for the APRES 2006-below. After that, we were watching a movie by APRES 2007, made by M. Syahriza. That was a funny movie, and we all laugh at some scenes. It's a compilation of clip from various popular artists, but were being dubbed with comments about APRES ITB. There were John Lennon, Barrack Obama, Pamela Anderson, Ahmad Dani, Sizuka, Mario Bross, added comments to APRES-ITB.

Then, we played truth or dare with a banana. It was a sick game, that anyone who grabs the banana, after the music stop, they should do truth or dare. But the games ended up boring, so we decided to start the performance.

I played the first performance, with solo acoustic and helped by my Oni laptop. I played 2 songs, which are “Seperti Mimpi” from Personal States, and “Everything’s Magic” acoustic version from Angels and Airwaves. Here I am:

Seperti Mimpi

Everything's Magic

I'm pretty satisfied with my performance because I did the arrangement by myself with Guitar Pro. I made it for only 2 days on college’s break times. This is why I haven’t updated my blog for 4 days. :)

The, second performance is from APRES 2005 which are Auzan, Ken, and Aryo who play songs from Oasis, and The Police.

Playing "Message in a Bottle" from The Police

The rest of it is playing T2 song. :)

Then the performance went from other APRES 2007 band, which consists of Adit, Piji, Luthfan, Redo, Della, and TB. They played Kerispatih song, and RAN song, which has mellow romantic pop jazz genre.

Playing Kerispatih song

Playing RAN - Pandangan Pertama

Then, the other APRES performed there with some nice songs, from Aryo, Ken, and I didn’t know what’s his name. They played some catchy songs, which I recognize but I didn’t know the title.

The born of Sky and Sight

After that, Elmar wants to play too as a guitarist, and he invites me to play together playing Box Car Racer “Letters to God” and Blink 182 “Man Overboard song. So we together played there as a Tom Delonge fans.


After we performed, another performance from Adit, Piji, Luthfan, Redo, Della, and TB, played 2 more songs. The performance ended after they finished, and we all went upstairs to do the birthday celebration, which was make a wish by turning of the candle, by Pipi, the head of APRES ITB 2007.

After that we did barbequing until late night, but I went home after the cake was being eaten.

Here are the pictures:

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