Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you Mom!

I've just got called from my mother, asking about my condition. Well, I told my mom about the Communication subject which we should interview unknown people in malls, with poor apparel. Then, I told her that I finally brave myself to invite friends to come to my house to study. I was able starting to share my problems with other friends.

Then my mom gave me a wuote to make me strong at SBM-ITB.
"If we get pain, Allah is erasing our sin in the world."

My mother told me that I should be strong at SBM-ITB, facing all the daily life at college, and also with the environment. My mom also told me not to be shame or jealous to other people, because I have experiences that people didn't have. It makes my own characteristic, and my mom is very proud of me.

To explain the quote in the real world, my mother gave me an example of the corrosion on the fryer. The corrosion which exist on every fryer only can be erased by sandpaper or hard brush. It would create high level of scratch, which would create pain to the fryer, to make the corrosion went away. It's the same as human. Erasing our sin in the world is like erasing corrosion from the fryer. It would create hurts and pain. But, thats the way Allah give human chance to be a better man in the world.

Thank you Mama!

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