Sunday, February 17, 2008

Technology is a friend of the blinds

I watched Kick Andy, one of the most influential talk show TV program on Metro TV, and there were my high school friends on the program. They are Dimas Prasetyo, and Aris, who were at the same high school grade as me, 66 high school. There was Rafiq also, who I recognized him when I visited Trian’s house, one of my high school friends who also blind. They were being interviewed as the administrators of in the talk show theme “Technology is also a friend of the blind”.

Here is the video:

Dimas Prasetyo is one of my closest blind friends on high school. I was at the same class as him for 2 classes, which is X-H “Onimusha” and XI-IPS-I. He’s a great learner. He got one of the best UAN (school final test to pass the high school) score from IPS (social) class. He always is the best for the history subject far away beyond the other students. As a blind person, he has inspired me very much that he has a big spirit of competition. He had won several competition of English speech at school, always be the 10 best students in the class. He’s now be the second blind person has ever entered University of Indonesia, in English Literacy majority.

As a normal person, I’m very proud of him and my high school who allows any incapable person who is still be able to follow the ordinary learning and teaching, or we usually say “inclusion school”. Now, I’m studying at School Business and Management ITB, one from the only 2 persons who enter ITB, the second best university in Indonesia, from University of Indonesia, and I’m proud of my past, and the heterogenic students background conditions of my high school, which made me be a better person now. Subhanallah!

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