Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sport study and meet my junior high school friends.

Sport study

Sport study is being held at 7.30 AM-9.30 AM. Well, as the first day, we were being given the introduction of this subject.

Generally, the difference between sport subject at the first semester and the second semester is that, at this semester, we will do a lot of sport games. The scores will be given from the sportivity of group that consist of half of the class. Tho there are total two groups in one tutorial class. The games are futsal, basketball, and fun games. The group who gets the most winner, get the best score for the subject.

We, were also being told a story about our trainer's past student. The student is an ITB undergraduate from electricity major, 1994. He got the best score in all of his work, but actually, he was threaten to dop out because his sport subject. He never come to the training class, so he got T score (unattended mark) in his final report at sport.

The lecturer tells us that we can see characteristic of people from sport. If the person have high ego, the sport always comes bad. But, the person who are good at sport, must have great dicipline and how to control him/herself. A person cannot be "jaim" at sport. If they don't do their best, they cannot approach it furthermore.

Meet my junior high school friends

After the class finished at 9.30, we have class break until 13.30. That's 4 hour brake! So I decided to walk around ITB, finding place to relax and enjoying the scene. I went to Comlabs (ITB multimedia building), searching for graphic design course information. When I arrived, Adit, my highschool friend shout at me. He was brousing at the hitspot zone there. He was at School of Electricity and Informatics Technic (STEI). Today is holiday for the STEI students, because of the laboratory practice that will starting next week. We was downloading some mp3's from some forums.

After some chat, he pointed at one direction and tells that there were Wulung outside. Well, Wulung is one of my best friend at junior high school. He taught me how to play guitar from blink-182 songs, which starting me to know and wondering that they would get me far (clue: Tom Delonge). :)

I met him outside the building, and he were also surpise seeing me. He was searching for his score outside the building when I met him. So we started to chat and started to remember the junior highschool scenes, like a nostalgic. He told me that he has stopped playing guitar since high school. He has integrated a point of view that playing guitar anf listening to the music is a useless activities. He could spend much of his time better seeing other people and studying, than playing guitar and listening to the music.

It is kind of wierd for me to know it, but I actually realized that everyone would get their own way of life. He is actually a very tallented guitar player, but now his mind change and see something better in this world. But I always, and always remember him as my guitar teacher, until now I can arrange some songs and musical instruments. He is now being an ordinary student that searching for his dream, being a great engineer.

Keep a good work Wulung! Happy studying!

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