Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sabuga experience

The Sabuga experience

Today, my mother, my cousin, an I went to sabuga to do morning run (jogging). At the same day and at the same place, unfortunatelly, there were Indonesian Idol audition on the spot. So, we saw a very long queue there from the front gate of Sabuga. It's like thousands of people there queing for being the next Indonesian Idol and won famous and prizes. But, we started jogging anyway.

The jog started at 7 o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately, the running track of Sabuga is very crowded. Not like in ordinary day. It's more like "tawaf" than running. :) So me and my cousin Imam, run together there. Imam met his friends there, name Julian from FTTM, and Rizki from STEI (same major with Imam). Unfortunately, the purpose of them ran on Sabuga that morning, was more seeing the girls. They asked us to see the queue of Indonesian Idol, but we want to continue our run. We did circling much of the Sabuga track. Is was like 7 times. Then, we continued to walk on the reflection zone. That's a very small circle of track with added small stones to us to relax oud body. We have to walk bare feet to make the exercise effective. After the reflection zone, we continued to circle a few more track, and ended with 15 sit-ups and 15 push-ups. Healty kid!

After we run, we decided to breakfast at Bubur Ayam Zaenal (Zaenal Chicken Porridge), a porridge small restaurant which sold only chicken porridge, but have thair own characteristic. The porridge priced Rp10.000 + Rp1.000 for added eggs, a bit expensive as the price of chicken porridge, but it's worth from it's taste. The taste is good and it's different from other chicken porridge that we usually eat. No wonder that this porridge has entered "Wisata Kuliner", a famous Indonesian TV show which reviewed about culinariaes.

After that, we went back to my rental room (kos-kosan) at Imam Bonjol and Imam wanted to visit my room. But unfortunately, Imam were being sms by his friend to come to ITB to practice marching band at 10.00, and the time there was at 9.30. So, Imam directly went back to his rental room and wen to ITB. Then, my mother asked me to go to Kartika Sari, to buy gift for the people at Jakarta. I joined her and we bought some Brownies Kukus and some other stuff. After that, we ate at the resto/cafe next to Kartika Sari, and I ordered Fettuccini Alfredo (New). The food taste standard, but it's ok because I was still hungry. :)

Then my mother took me back to my rental room, and say goodbye to me as she went back to Jakarta. I was given Rp100.000 and I was happy :)

Evening group work

At 4 o'clock, I did group study with my friends, working on ETSF and AR work group homework. ETSF for Tuesday, I have to make presentation about Biodiversity Species (don't be afraid with the titled. I don't know also, but there is the thing called the internet!). Then, the AR subject, we have to make a product from a compilation of random interest of product which catergorized by the function, shape, advantages, source of ingredients, material, quality, and price. We work together at my rental room.

There were Uta, Misykat, Egan and me, and we fitted together in 2x6 dorm style room worked out for 2 workgroup subjects. Misykat and Egan were working on the ETSF, and me with Uta were working on the AR, made creative things with original MacBook un-Leopard Adobe Photoshop, doing some photos cut-and-paste editing. That was fun because Uta is very personally trained with Adobe Photoshop. His photo has well published at deviantArt, and won photo competitions. He once brought Tutor-IB name for previously AR subject which compete with other tutorial class.

The work ended with the people one-by-one left at 7 o'clock. See you tomorow!

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