Monday, February 11, 2008

Not a late guy

I late again :(

I write this post just to fulfil my empty schedule of my late. Well, actually I suppose to be in the Communication class at 13.30, but I arrived in 13.45. This is because of my misleading of watching the schedule. I saw the other subject on the other time schedule, which I tought it was the Communication class. I tought that Communication class begin at 14.00.

This is the first time I went home after finished the first class (9.30). So, because there should be a break in the middle, but actually it weren't, the class should be finished at 10.00. So, the mid time break, which should be 4 hours, I kept calculating from 10.00. I actually missed calculated, and I thought it was 14.00.

My track record of comimg on time on the 2nd semester has broken now. I shouldn't do it again.

Not a late guy!

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