Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Macbeth Footwear - Shoes of attitude

I saw many kids in SBM-ITB wear Macbeth Footwear shoes to campus. I started to do research about the availability of Macbeth Footwear in Bandung. I started to search in Bandung Indah Plaza and there were some pair of Macbeth Footwear in Rockport Distro. When I check the price, I was amazed that the price is Rp790.000 (US$87,78). That’s the Macbeth Black and White Bonham series. This is the series that Tom Delonge (Macbeth Footwear CEO) often wore it when he performed with blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. So, Tom made his Macbeth Studio Project Tom Bonham series for his signature shoes.

It’s very expensive as a price for a pair of shoes. Usually a pair of shoes would cost Rp100.000-Rp400.000. Why Macbeth Footwear still be used by a lot of SBM-ITB student? I think this is the magic of the brand itself. Tom Delonge made Macbeth at the same time he created Loserkids.com. That is the same time when Mark Hoppus created Atticus Clothing and Travis Barker created Famous Stars and Straps, when they got together with blink-182.

If we see today, what happened with Macbeth after Tom Delonge separate from blink-182? It’s getting bigger from time to time. Now Macbeth has been used as Tom Delonge recording studio (Macbeth Studio). It has also reached the clothing part. Tom Delonge, when he started Angels and Airwaves’ second album I-Empire, he create an image of a suburban man with a mixed with motorcycle and pilot jacket, made by Macbeth. Now, Angels and Airwaves guys, (David Kennedy, Atom Willard, and Matt Watcher) are also use Macbeth apparel on their performances.

But, is the popularity of Macbeth is really because of Tom Delonge? Most of it, yes, but not all prefer to use Macbeth because of him. They use Macbeth because of the athletically design, and the attitude that is shown when people wear Macbeth. Macbeth has a prestigious brand among musician. Even Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters wears Macbeth.

Macbeth Footwear has created an image of rock shoes to the kids who like music. Almost all kids who wear Macbeth love rock music. But not all kids recognize Tom Delonge as the starter. Macbeth, with Atticus and Famous Stars and Straps has influenced many rock musicians to make their own apparel company. Let’s say Eno (Netral drummer) who has a big influence of Famous Stars and Straps. He created his own clothing company named Racerkids (the name is inspired by Box Car Racer, Tom Delonge’s side project band when he was at blink-182). The bassist, Bagus, also creates Fatman clothing.

Back to Macbeth Footwear, it was first being sold person by person on the Southern California, hometown of Tom Delonge. Then, it is published in Loserkids.com, (until now) Tom Delonge’s marketing website of local extreme sports apparel. Now, Macbeth and Loserkids.com has been a pioneer of global DIY business who used internet to their worldwide market who sells apparel. Tom Delonge itself is being chosen as one of the most influential entrepreneur in Southern California (Biz San Diego Magazine, 2008).

Although I don’t wear Macbeth shoes, but I really like his image on public. The image of rock shoes attitude, has been a phenomena that will be remind and long lasting brand like Gibson and Fender in guitar world. So, I think people will worth to buy it for Rp790.000, not because of the essential of the shoes were made, but from the quality mixed with the image that is built from wearing the shoes.

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fajarf said...

macbeth is the new adidas
like tom delonge said