Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lovely ETSF! Badly saying score.

Lovely ETSF!

This is the first day I learn ETSF (Ecology, Technology, and Sustainable Future) in college. This subject is the mixture between Natural Science and Study of Human Society. We learn about the synergy of our environment with the existance of human. It's about the system that we create in this world. So we have to love the nature itself as the source of living of the human being.

The thing that I like is that this subject consist of the mixture between the social and natural aspect. And more, the tutor of our class is based on Study of Human Society totur. So, undirectly, SOCIAL CLASS RULES! Hahaha... (Because in high school, I was at social class, and the paradigm told that natural class is always better than social. Whether I always complaining about that, because I love social class very much.)

At the class we were being given work to describe the synergy between the biotic and the abiotic compounds from the picture that we get. My group were the first group who present the task. We have a picture that shows the city situation on suburban, which still have some natural aspect. We made the synergy like the chain of life. Water is needed by the grass, grass is needed by the animals, animals are needed with human. Animals and human create their wastes which can be use as the source of heat or electricity energy. Electricity, is being use to light the city, that human create. So the conclusion is that human needs all the environmental aspect tu be able to survive and live for better life in this world.

Badly saying score.

Well, as you know, I got 2.89 in my first smester final score. And now I realize that there is no time to regret anymore, unless I change myself as a better SBM-ITB's student from now.

It happened when me with my friend wanted to printed the silabus that we get from the academic. When I was at the parking lot, a car, which consist of six girls of my SBM-ITB's friend, stop beside me. There were also my unextended family's cousin there, asking what am I doing right now. I answered that I was going to print the silabus. Then she asked again about my final score. I was freezing, because one of the girl in that car is my secret admire. Wisely I said to my cousin that I got 2.89. Then she replied that I should get better next time, and I said I hopefully do. Then the car left with plain face of the other girls.

I was badly saying that score to the girls. But, seconds after they left, I started to realize that there is no use to blame myself.

"... it useless!" Not Now - blink-182.

What I want to do now is to love my college. I a focus guy. Only me who can change myself. I am now commit that I am a serious guy at college, and a fun guy outside.

True Love.

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