Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Key to be a great musician: Love your mother.

Ok, this time write a good thing Yoyok. Well, I watched Chris Carrabba’s clip about his portrait on Youtube. He’s now be a musician because of his mother is also a musician. He got his first guitar from his uncle which he found it on his basement, and he started to learn from it. Guitar has been his friend since he’s 15 year old.

Most of great musician that I see like Tom Delonge, and Chris Carrabba, both of them has a close connection with their mother. Even though Tom has an unclose relation with his father, because of the broke up with his mother, Tom’s still close with his mother, and it makes all the success. The condition is almost the same with Chris Carrabba. Even though he got a step-father, he loves his mother so much. His interview told that he is now being a musician because his mother is also a musician. She plays piano and sings.

Just listen to Tom Delonge in Angels & Airwaves and Chris Carrabba on Dashboard Confessional songs. Most of their lyrics are beautiful and meaning full. Not all musician and artists can do those things. I think it’s because of their love with their mother.

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