Saturday, February 2, 2008

Iv'e just printed Tom Delonge's Total Guitar's review poster

Well, the initiative came when I realize that I am a big fan of Tom Delonge. Then I look at my rented room (kos-kosan) which is very plain in white. I want to fill the wall with something that inspires me.

Then, I started browsing to some sites, and I started to realize that why don't I put Tom Delonge poster in my room. But, poster of him is very rare, so I have to create it by myself.

I want poster that I can enjoy seeing it everytime. So I have an idea to make his poster that can be read. So it must added some text. But I don't want just a quote. So I browse picture of him that has texts on it. What I found are, a lot of scanned magazine of him, from Total Guitar, and Kerrang!.

So I created a poster which is a compilation of his article on magazines (of course with his picture). It's from June 2007 edition of Total Guitar magazine. Tom is being the cover model and there are 5 pages of his review. I didn't have the magazine, but I found it randomly from

I started compiling one by one, and cleared up the unwanted dots and scan leak (because the pictures that I got, some were being scanned badly with angle, and precise). But after some touch, I t was finished and look very nice to me. You should see it.

I printed on A0 paper size and glossy paper. It took me about Rp100.000 to print in professional digital printing in Bandung (they're a lot in here!).

I want to be look nicer and long last. So after this, I will frame it in black frame with minimalistic pattern. Again, you should see it!

It's great and I am very excited right now, that (at last) there are some picture on my wall.

Rockepreneur is the best!

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