Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello there!

Hey, this is Rockepreneur! (Wow, I'm very excited right now) So, today is Friday evening in my weekend. Find a name, find what I want. Then I found this cool domain, which inspiring me very much.

Luckily I got it on Blogger. :) (a lot of domain has been taken here)

Learn English, learn how to rock and learn how to do business with all of this.
Well hello, my name is Tri Handoyo, but you can call my nick name Yoyok.
I did blog such as which are full of high school events articles. But now high school ends, but memory still remains. I want to start new blog again when I enter the School Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bachelor Degree in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Well, I start finding names which are catchy, easy, and really capture people's imagination. Actually, Subhanallah, I got this easy to remind the name, that represent me very-very much.
Rockepreneur itself is a mix between the word "rock" and "entrepreneur". What makes me really excited about the name is that, I have a very influential hero in my life, which is Tom Delonge. As we know, his activities in the rock world has influence most kids to do something with their capabilities. And now he want to do positively with Angels & Airwaves. More, in the business world. He is now known as one of the most influential entrepreneur in San Diego, California (taken from Biz San Diego Magazine). He has Macbeth Footwear, shoes with attitude, also, which distribute a lot of local apparels and clothing stuff from their local sports and community scene.

I think he sells attitude very much, that actually inspired me a lot.

I want to be a positive musician now, and I want to create Rockepreneur is one of the best blog in the world. Or maybe some kind of media that could spread positive things and ideas.
I also want to be serious at college, because, thank god very much that I'm able to enter and study at this school, that not everyone can afford it. Insya Allah, I could get a lot of positive input, and gone away the negative, to be share to all of you guys. Happy holiday!
"Do what you like and do it honestly" taken from the song Rite of Spring - Angels & Airwaves.

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