Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

Happy Chinese New Year 2008! Gong xi fat chai!

Today is Chinese New Year, and chinese siblings from all over the world are celebrating their cultural day's new year.

Some say, the day of chinese new year always be raining, to stand that it's an all success year. But I don't know, why Bandung still hasn't been rain yet until now. Will this a bad year for Bandung? I dont know, I don't hope so.

Well, as today is a new year, so everyone are in holiday right now. Chinese people were going to the "klenteng" and pray there. But what am I doing right now? I just stay at my room all day, browsing for the internet for good topics. But I find some interesting new information today.

Angels and Airwaves, again publish their video to pursue their fans to join as their website available. Then Personal States, which actually a sideproject band of Nudist Island's Vocalsit, Ugeng, made great and catchy songs that I like. The personal of the band, only contains two person, which are Ugeng and Phanee. Their songs are beautiful Chris Carraba's influence, but they have their own characteristic. Just listen to "Esok Lusa Nanti". That's the best song that I like. It tells about a true love of a couple, who are always be together.

Check them here.

So, actually I planned to join APRES to spread the promotion for Ganesha Music Event 2008 to distros and factory outlets, 10.00 in the morning. But, actually I was stunned with the internet. I shouldn't do this next time, because it wasted my chance to be exist to learn how to promote this event.

I have to be better next time. Now, I have to choose, what am I going to do right now. Is it going to Gedung Sate to take picture of this Chinese New Year day's event, ore learning statistic for tomorow. Which one do you choose?

"Kan ku percaya..." Seperti Mimpi - Personal States

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