Monday, February 11, 2008

Good, Good, Good

Alhamdulillah, I got a good score for my last CRW II homework. I was given a homework to make introduction paragraph for 3 thesis statement and my lecturer seems glad for my work.

Paragraph 1: Good
Paragraph 2: Good
Paragraph 3: Good

Then today, I learn about how to arrange an introduction using questions to hook.

In the middle of the study, my teacher gave an mental test for 2 minutes. It's a task that we should work in two minutes. The task is crazy. We should do things like shouting to other people, about what food that I like, spinning around 360 degree and write anything we see, and other stuff like that. But actually I didn't look up close the actual things that we should do. Apparently, we only should write PASS on the upper right of the paper. That's it! I was misguided at the time, and attended to finish all the numbers on the paper. :) Great mental test.

Then after the class left, I am learning "Sirens" from Angels and Airwaves, both of the vocal and the guitar. I want to be a composer like Tom Delonge. He made a new type of rock songs, which has their own characteristic. Even tough he infuence from other stadium rock bands like Coldplay, or U2, his influence of Punk Rock, and combination of good and deep lyrics, really makes Angels and Airwaves' song are full of high quality music.

Tom is absolutely a Rockepreneur

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