Monday, February 4, 2008

The first day of the 2nd smester

Well, 11.30 in my laptop. This is the first day I enter college again and being a good boy. I want to change myself in this 2nd semester.

My first semester final score is 2.89, and I feel sad about it. I want to be a better college student now. I now be more focus in the class.

I remember what Mam Erlina said that "Your body and your mind has to be at the same place". Well Mam Erlina (Drs. Erlina) is our psycologist who is very close to our family. She was being treated good with my grandparents when she graduate from public doctor degree. My grandparents want her to enter psychiatrist. Now, our family and her have a very close relationship.

"You have to love your job." is a quote that I always remember. I love that I am an SBM-ITB student. So, I love the institution (SBM-ITB) that I enter which will create a person that have a characteristic with it. Automatically, I love to accept the rules that the institution want with full of heart. Because I trust that the institution will create great future leader to the country.

The first subject that I learn is CRW II. It's Critical Reading Writing, and we discussed about how to make thesis statement in an essay.

I like to be focus on class. My strength won't be waste unfunctionally. So it's great!

Welcome to the 2nd semester, friends and families!

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