Monday, February 18, 2008

CRW II and Petroleum Night (BOP 3)

Learn how to make transition today, really interesting to me, because my homework again, got a good apreciation from my teacher. But actually, I didnt collect it! That's because my teacher gave back all the homework to correct it each other randomly, and I didn't realize that until the class ended. But I 'll collect it at the next meeting with my CRW II class.

Well, yesterday I went to watch NAIF played at Pertoleum, a venue by Petroleum major in ITB. They played much songs there. On the venue, I saw Speaker 1st at the first time. This band is have a similar genre with The SIGIT, but I think they showed more attidtude of rock n' roll. That's one thing that I don't like about them.

Hey, at the night, my cousin Yoni, who is in ITB Petrol majority 2006, performed as the drummer of Band of Patra 3.

Check out this "" song:

There was a band name Rebeat. This band showed good performance. They played Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark, Yellowcard, and 30 Seconds to Mars - So Yesterday. The problem is about their apparel. Man, the vocalist has a white sprayed mohican hair, with the style of punk which full of accessoris. :) Maybe some Indonesian would call them "alay". :) I started to think that globalization era has spread into this area. Their apparel doesn't show their attitude of the song at all. If they dressed casually, maybe they'll be fine.

At the end, NAIF played wonderfull performance, but too bad that they use "Ajojing" song for their closing. It should be "Mobil Balap", or "Piknik 72" who were being chosen as the final song.

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