Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Critical Reading Writing II and STOMP APRES

Critical Reading Writing II

Critical Reading Writing (CRW) II class begun at 13.30 in the afternoon. This was the first class who used fingerprint to absent the student. So with fingerprint, students must be at class on time, and no "ghost students" (who got their name absent, but not in the class). Fingerprint absent require two absents, which held before the start time and after the finished time.

On this subject, we learned about the hook sentence and how to make it. A hook sentence is used to attract people to read more further our essay. A good hook, could consist of personal experience, statistic, or quotes. But, I think it came naturally if the paople are used to write an essay. Any first sentence would be their own hook (because he/she already have a characteristic on each of their writing).

We got a homework to finish the hook from the thesis statement that had already existed. It has 3 thesis statements, and we have to type it.


I am an APRES ITB (ITB student unit of musical apreciation) member, and in short time there will be held the biggest music event on Institut Teknologi Bandung, which is Ganesha Music Event (GME) 2008. This event will show APRES ITB bands which has very unique musical materials, which colaborate the ethnic music of Indonesia and electronic music scene. I Wayan Balawan, the best Indonesian ethnic guitarist, will be perform at the event, which will be hold at somewhere in May 2008.

STOMP APRES itself is an ensemble musical performance from things which can create sound. Today, in 17.00 in the secre, we discuss about STOMP APRES which will held on GME 2008. Apparently, Shery is being choosen as the leader, which has to conduct all of the APRES members, ensembling things. So because, she had a little voice, I was initiated to help announcing each progress point of the discussion, and Alhamdulillah, it went well.

So the next meeting and training of STOMP APRES will be hold in Tuesday, 12th February 2008. We will discuss and train about the things that we need to be the best at the performance. So, I hope it will went well, and our APRES solitude will be increasing more from this event.

Even tough we get unsucsess, we should keep on our success motivation in our mind.
Keep motivating.

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