Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AVA launched their Secret Crowds video clip

Check http://www.angelsandairwaves.com/, and you can watch Angels & Airwaves new video clip "Secret Crowds".

Yesterday, iwas being interviewed by Ami, my senior to enter the SBM major community, or we usually say is "himpunan". I was being asked about my experiences in organization, my hobby, why I want to join the himpunan. She also asked about programs that I want to make if I enter the himpunan, and I answer it to make a collaboration of gamelan and modern music. I want this so much! After I hear Box Car Racer - "Instrumental" which combine between gamelan pelog and full band, inspired me to make this. Insya Allah it could be happen. The decision hasn't been made until now, but I hope I can enter the himpunan, so I could make my dream come true :)

Today, I slept at the break time and it continued until the end of the auditorium class of SBM subject. I was still at my house (rental room) at that time. After I woke up, it was 15.30, and the tutorial class started at 15.40, so I directly went up and ride my motorcycle to ITB. Luckily, I wasn't late at that time, and have the opportuninty to continue the class, altough I didn't have the chance to join the auditoruim class. But Subhanallah, Deru, one of my classmate, gave me the review of what was beig taught in the audditorium class, and he explained it fluently and I can understand.

Actually, I didn't practice STOMP-PRESS today, because, beside the end of the class is at 17.30, I didn't bring my handphone because the battery has gone and I didn't have the time to charge it, so I didn't have the info to practice STOM-PRESS. I also late got the information of Pekan Seni Budaya gathering to get the certificate and did photoshoot, because of my dead phone battery.

Now I just want to finish our AR workgroup about the inovation of the list of one thing what people want but they didn't tell the thing, and only desribe it's characteristics. It almost done.

"Won't you do (pray) it for me now." Do it for me now - Angels & Airwaves.

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