Sunday, February 10, 2008

Activities in the last 2 days

Well, it hass been 2 days I havent write in Rockeprenur. I was confuse on the last to day, about what activity should I do fulfiling the holiday.

Well actually I have 2 homeworks to do which are typing CRW's essay for Monday, and SBM homework for 2 numbers for Tuesday. But I havent finished it yet until now. I didn't do it at all. This is Sunday, and I only have 1 day to finish all my homework today.

"You have to love your job." Mrs. Erlina.

This is what I should remember deeply, so I can start my homework. But I feel disoriented because of the mandate from APRES what asked me to go selling JCo Donuts to people, to collect money from it for Ganesha Music Event 2008. And I didn't do it yesterday.

I don't know why what happened to me yesterday, I just got stuck in front of internet all day. Well, at least I arranged 2 new songs on Guitar Pro. I hope these song could be big. I also downloaded Angels and Airwaves' live performances, and interviews from Youtube. I hope this could inrease my fuently in music and interview.

Tom has very fluent arguments when he got interview from a lot of media. Let's say from Fuse TV, Terrie Carr, and Larry King Live. Tom is very fluent describing his arguments. He's loves his job as a band and entrepreneur very much.

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