Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Key to be a great musician: Love your mother.

Ok, this time write a good thing Yoyok. Well, I watched Chris Carrabba’s clip about his portrait on Youtube. He’s now be a musician because of his mother is also a musician. He got his first guitar from his uncle which he found it on his basement, and he started to learn from it. Guitar has been his friend since he’s 15 year old.

Most of great musician that I see like Tom Delonge, and Chris Carrabba, both of them has a close connection with their mother. Even though Tom has an unclose relation with his father, because of the broke up with his mother, Tom’s still close with his mother, and it makes all the success. The condition is almost the same with Chris Carrabba. Even though he got a step-father, he loves his mother so much. His interview told that he is now being a musician because his mother is also a musician. She plays piano and sings.

Just listen to Tom Delonge in Angels & Airwaves and Chris Carrabba on Dashboard Confessional songs. Most of their lyrics are beautiful and meaning full. Not all musician and artists can do those things. I think it’s because of their love with their mother.

Won as a mafia :(

My last post about this ended erased before I publish it. :( I unfortunately pushed delete after I drag all the post, and there is no undo! ********* So, here’s the new one.

It's a, sick game ever. I'm sorry friends for wasting your trust on me, especially for Inez, Gumi, and Nigor. I hate doing the game. It sucks.

The game that I played is the game in the CRW II subject. It’s a mafia, police, doctor, and townpeople. People are randomly got their part from the small paper that is shaking in a glass without anyone recognizes it. Fortunately, I got the part of the mafia on the group. I should lie that I’m a mafia by told everyone that I’m a townspeople. The result is that people wasted their trust on me.

Akhh.. this time writing suck! If there is undoing, this writing goes better. My tip: Don’t ever write post directly on the post page on Blogger. Write in your word processor that has undo facility.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AVA launched their Secret Crowds video clip

Check, and you can watch Angels & Airwaves new video clip "Secret Crowds".

Yesterday, iwas being interviewed by Ami, my senior to enter the SBM major community, or we usually say is "himpunan". I was being asked about my experiences in organization, my hobby, why I want to join the himpunan. She also asked about programs that I want to make if I enter the himpunan, and I answer it to make a collaboration of gamelan and modern music. I want this so much! After I hear Box Car Racer - "Instrumental" which combine between gamelan pelog and full band, inspired me to make this. Insya Allah it could be happen. The decision hasn't been made until now, but I hope I can enter the himpunan, so I could make my dream come true :)

Today, I slept at the break time and it continued until the end of the auditorium class of SBM subject. I was still at my house (rental room) at that time. After I woke up, it was 15.30, and the tutorial class started at 15.40, so I directly went up and ride my motorcycle to ITB. Luckily, I wasn't late at that time, and have the opportuninty to continue the class, altough I didn't have the chance to join the auditoruim class. But Subhanallah, Deru, one of my classmate, gave me the review of what was beig taught in the audditorium class, and he explained it fluently and I can understand.

Actually, I didn't practice STOMP-PRESS today, because, beside the end of the class is at 17.30, I didn't bring my handphone because the battery has gone and I didn't have the time to charge it, so I didn't have the info to practice STOM-PRESS. I also late got the information of Pekan Seni Budaya gathering to get the certificate and did photoshoot, because of my dead phone battery.

Now I just want to finish our AR workgroup about the inovation of the list of one thing what people want but they didn't tell the thing, and only desribe it's characteristics. It almost done.

"Won't you do (pray) it for me now." Do it for me now - Angels & Airwaves.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Sabuga experience

The Sabuga experience

Today, my mother, my cousin, an I went to sabuga to do morning run (jogging). At the same day and at the same place, unfortunatelly, there were Indonesian Idol audition on the spot. So, we saw a very long queue there from the front gate of Sabuga. It's like thousands of people there queing for being the next Indonesian Idol and won famous and prizes. But, we started jogging anyway.

The jog started at 7 o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately, the running track of Sabuga is very crowded. Not like in ordinary day. It's more like "tawaf" than running. :) So me and my cousin Imam, run together there. Imam met his friends there, name Julian from FTTM, and Rizki from STEI (same major with Imam). Unfortunately, the purpose of them ran on Sabuga that morning, was more seeing the girls. They asked us to see the queue of Indonesian Idol, but we want to continue our run. We did circling much of the Sabuga track. Is was like 7 times. Then, we continued to walk on the reflection zone. That's a very small circle of track with added small stones to us to relax oud body. We have to walk bare feet to make the exercise effective. After the reflection zone, we continued to circle a few more track, and ended with 15 sit-ups and 15 push-ups. Healty kid!

After we run, we decided to breakfast at Bubur Ayam Zaenal (Zaenal Chicken Porridge), a porridge small restaurant which sold only chicken porridge, but have thair own characteristic. The porridge priced Rp10.000 + Rp1.000 for added eggs, a bit expensive as the price of chicken porridge, but it's worth from it's taste. The taste is good and it's different from other chicken porridge that we usually eat. No wonder that this porridge has entered "Wisata Kuliner", a famous Indonesian TV show which reviewed about culinariaes.

After that, we went back to my rental room (kos-kosan) at Imam Bonjol and Imam wanted to visit my room. But unfortunately, Imam were being sms by his friend to come to ITB to practice marching band at 10.00, and the time there was at 9.30. So, Imam directly went back to his rental room and wen to ITB. Then, my mother asked me to go to Kartika Sari, to buy gift for the people at Jakarta. I joined her and we bought some Brownies Kukus and some other stuff. After that, we ate at the resto/cafe next to Kartika Sari, and I ordered Fettuccini Alfredo (New). The food taste standard, but it's ok because I was still hungry. :)

Then my mother took me back to my rental room, and say goodbye to me as she went back to Jakarta. I was given Rp100.000 and I was happy :)

Evening group work

At 4 o'clock, I did group study with my friends, working on ETSF and AR work group homework. ETSF for Tuesday, I have to make presentation about Biodiversity Species (don't be afraid with the titled. I don't know also, but there is the thing called the internet!). Then, the AR subject, we have to make a product from a compilation of random interest of product which catergorized by the function, shape, advantages, source of ingredients, material, quality, and price. We work together at my rental room.

There were Uta, Misykat, Egan and me, and we fitted together in 2x6 dorm style room worked out for 2 workgroup subjects. Misykat and Egan were working on the ETSF, and me with Uta were working on the AR, made creative things with original MacBook un-Leopard Adobe Photoshop, doing some photos cut-and-paste editing. That was fun because Uta is very personally trained with Adobe Photoshop. His photo has well published at deviantArt, and won photo competitions. He once brought Tutor-IB name for previously AR subject which compete with other tutorial class.

The work ended with the people one-by-one left at 7 o'clock. See you tomorow!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What's Global Warming?

After I watched An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, I interested to write about global warming. What’s global warming?

Global Warming

Global warming is the increasing of the world temperature that is caused by the green house effect that’s created by human inefficient activities in fulfilling their daily needs and using technologies which affected the natural environment. The green house effect itself was first identified by Joseph Fourier in 1824. It’s the process of warming the planet by the increasing of emission, and electromagnetic radiation that’s created by human activities.

“Now, global warming has not being political issues anymore, but has been reached the moral issues.” That’s the quote from Al Gore who won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize award for his efforts to build up knowledge about man-made climate change, and laid the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract global warming. His quote told that global warming has been a massive problem to the world that the world itself has to counter it by changing their behavior and mindset about the importance to take care of natural environment.

It also reported that global warming has a connection with the increasing of CO2 in the world. Future CO2 levels are expected to rise due to ongoing burning of fossil fuels and land-use change. The rate of rise will depend on uncertain economic, sociological, technological, and natural developments, but may be ultimately limited by the availability of fossil fuels.

Process of Global Warming

The process of global warming is first come from the sun that shines the earth. The radiation of the sun are being absorbed and reflected throughout the atmosphere and went back again outside the atmosphere. But, because the atmosphere layer has been re-layered with emission and electromagnetic radiation, the sun radiation, couldn’t go back out from the earth and being stayed at the earth. This is the green house effects that would cause the increasing of temperature in the world. Even more, the increasing of the CO2 in the world would erode the atmosphere which makes the atmosphere thinner, and easier to hollow that makes the amount of the sun radiation would be bigger and easier to come to the earth.

Effects of Global Warming

Most of the natural sites, such as the North Pole, and the Antarctica, are really affected by global warming. The increasing of the world temperature by the sun radiation that was prison by the atmosphere layer which has been layered with emission and electromagnetic radiation, cause the North Pole and the Antarctica’ ice are melting. This situation would cause many changes is natural circulation that would caused many disadvantages to the society who live on the earth.

Directly, the cause of the North Pole and Antarctica melting would cause the increasing level of the sea. This would cause many floods in the world and smaller ground level for human to live. Indirectly, the melt would damage the hot and cold water circulation of the sea. This would cause unpredictable circulation of fish to catch as the basic of human need of consumption. It also affected the agricultural societies that would harm their circle cultivation, which also the basic need of human consumption.

The increasing of temperature in the world would cause many unpredictable disasters like storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes which would ruin people’s life, such as the Katrina.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Macbeth Footwear - Shoes of attitude

I saw many kids in SBM-ITB wear Macbeth Footwear shoes to campus. I started to do research about the availability of Macbeth Footwear in Bandung. I started to search in Bandung Indah Plaza and there were some pair of Macbeth Footwear in Rockport Distro. When I check the price, I was amazed that the price is Rp790.000 (US$87,78). That’s the Macbeth Black and White Bonham series. This is the series that Tom Delonge (Macbeth Footwear CEO) often wore it when he performed with blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. So, Tom made his Macbeth Studio Project Tom Bonham series for his signature shoes.

It’s very expensive as a price for a pair of shoes. Usually a pair of shoes would cost Rp100.000-Rp400.000. Why Macbeth Footwear still be used by a lot of SBM-ITB student? I think this is the magic of the brand itself. Tom Delonge made Macbeth at the same time he created That is the same time when Mark Hoppus created Atticus Clothing and Travis Barker created Famous Stars and Straps, when they got together with blink-182.

If we see today, what happened with Macbeth after Tom Delonge separate from blink-182? It’s getting bigger from time to time. Now Macbeth has been used as Tom Delonge recording studio (Macbeth Studio). It has also reached the clothing part. Tom Delonge, when he started Angels and Airwaves’ second album I-Empire, he create an image of a suburban man with a mixed with motorcycle and pilot jacket, made by Macbeth. Now, Angels and Airwaves guys, (David Kennedy, Atom Willard, and Matt Watcher) are also use Macbeth apparel on their performances.

But, is the popularity of Macbeth is really because of Tom Delonge? Most of it, yes, but not all prefer to use Macbeth because of him. They use Macbeth because of the athletically design, and the attitude that is shown when people wear Macbeth. Macbeth has a prestigious brand among musician. Even Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters wears Macbeth.

Macbeth Footwear has created an image of rock shoes to the kids who like music. Almost all kids who wear Macbeth love rock music. But not all kids recognize Tom Delonge as the starter. Macbeth, with Atticus and Famous Stars and Straps has influenced many rock musicians to make their own apparel company. Let’s say Eno (Netral drummer) who has a big influence of Famous Stars and Straps. He created his own clothing company named Racerkids (the name is inspired by Box Car Racer, Tom Delonge’s side project band when he was at blink-182). The bassist, Bagus, also creates Fatman clothing.

Back to Macbeth Footwear, it was first being sold person by person on the Southern California, hometown of Tom Delonge. Then, it is published in, (until now) Tom Delonge’s marketing website of local extreme sports apparel. Now, Macbeth and has been a pioneer of global DIY business who used internet to their worldwide market who sells apparel. Tom Delonge itself is being chosen as one of the most influential entrepreneur in Southern California (Biz San Diego Magazine, 2008).

Although I don’t wear Macbeth shoes, but I really like his image on public. The image of rock shoes attitude, has been a phenomena that will be remind and long lasting brand like Gibson and Fender in guitar world. So, I think people will worth to buy it for Rp790.000, not because of the essential of the shoes were made, but from the quality mixed with the image that is built from wearing the shoes.

I watched Al Gore’s documentary about global warming

The world today’s very sick. The movie really gave a point of view about world today. I can say that Al Gore that a great man who work hard as a scientist with high level of indigenous knowledge which really care about this world. He is being grown as a son of a farmer, that he really enjoys and concern about natural environment around him.

He lost being chosen as president of United State from George W. Bush. He only lost 1% in some states in the vote. He has a very bright point of view of global warming. His experience and science research about global warming have made a conclusion that global warming has threatened the world. The effects of global warming could change the condition of ecosystem on the earth, and the pattern of life inside it. It’s a global moral issue that he pointed about.

I just checked the internet that, the film, which titled An Inconvenient Truth (it’s fun because when I write this title of film, I’m listening to Kings of Convenience). The film won 2006 Academy Award for Documentary Feature. Al Gore himself was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for the "efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change."

From his movie, I can conclude that a great man must be work very hard to make their live is useful to others. His focus about global warming, and his chance to change people mindset to concern about global warming by being the president of United Stated, has failed to be true. But, his foundations and his act to prevent the worst case of global warming still continue for the sake of the future life.

Salute Al Gore!

Monday, February 18, 2008

CRW II and Petroleum Night (BOP 3)

Learn how to make transition today, really interesting to me, because my homework again, got a good apreciation from my teacher. But actually, I didnt collect it! That's because my teacher gave back all the homework to correct it each other randomly, and I didn't realize that until the class ended. But I 'll collect it at the next meeting with my CRW II class.

Well, yesterday I went to watch NAIF played at Pertoleum, a venue by Petroleum major in ITB. They played much songs there. On the venue, I saw Speaker 1st at the first time. This band is have a similar genre with The SIGIT, but I think they showed more attidtude of rock n' roll. That's one thing that I don't like about them.

Hey, at the night, my cousin Yoni, who is in ITB Petrol majority 2006, performed as the drummer of Band of Patra 3.

Check out this "" song:

There was a band name Rebeat. This band showed good performance. They played Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark, Yellowcard, and 30 Seconds to Mars - So Yesterday. The problem is about their apparel. Man, the vocalist has a white sprayed mohican hair, with the style of punk which full of accessoris. :) Maybe some Indonesian would call them "alay". :) I started to think that globalization era has spread into this area. Their apparel doesn't show their attitude of the song at all. If they dressed casually, maybe they'll be fine.

At the end, NAIF played wonderfull performance, but too bad that they use "Ajojing" song for their closing. It should be "Mobil Balap", or "Piknik 72" who were being chosen as the final song.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Technology is a friend of the blinds

I watched Kick Andy, one of the most influential talk show TV program on Metro TV, and there were my high school friends on the program. They are Dimas Prasetyo, and Aris, who were at the same high school grade as me, 66 high school. There was Rafiq also, who I recognized him when I visited Trian’s house, one of my high school friends who also blind. They were being interviewed as the administrators of in the talk show theme “Technology is also a friend of the blind”.

Here is the video:

Dimas Prasetyo is one of my closest blind friends on high school. I was at the same class as him for 2 classes, which is X-H “Onimusha” and XI-IPS-I. He’s a great learner. He got one of the best UAN (school final test to pass the high school) score from IPS (social) class. He always is the best for the history subject far away beyond the other students. As a blind person, he has inspired me very much that he has a big spirit of competition. He had won several competition of English speech at school, always be the 10 best students in the class. He’s now be the second blind person has ever entered University of Indonesia, in English Literacy majority.

As a normal person, I’m very proud of him and my high school who allows any incapable person who is still be able to follow the ordinary learning and teaching, or we usually say “inclusion school”. Now, I’m studying at School Business and Management ITB, one from the only 2 persons who enter ITB, the second best university in Indonesia, from University of Indonesia, and I’m proud of my past, and the heterogenic students background conditions of my high school, which made me be a better person now. Subhanallah!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tri Handoyo Acoustic performed at Saska's house Alamanda Street no. 87, Bandung, celebrating APRES 16th birthday

Finally, this is the first time Tri Handoyo Acoustic perfom live! Yesterday, 15th February 2008, APRES-ITB celebreated it's 16th birthday at 16th of February. So we had a gathering, watching movies, and life performences by APRES-ITB's members. I had a chance to perform live there, but because I had only short time of preparation (2 days), I performed live personally with my Oni laptop.

The first program was, we introduced each of ourselves to all one by one. It was a secret crowd there on that living room, especially for the APRES 2006-below. After that, we were watching a movie by APRES 2007, made by M. Syahriza. That was a funny movie, and we all laugh at some scenes. It's a compilation of clip from various popular artists, but were being dubbed with comments about APRES ITB. There were John Lennon, Barrack Obama, Pamela Anderson, Ahmad Dani, Sizuka, Mario Bross, added comments to APRES-ITB.

Then, we played truth or dare with a banana. It was a sick game, that anyone who grabs the banana, after the music stop, they should do truth or dare. But the games ended up boring, so we decided to start the performance.

I played the first performance, with solo acoustic and helped by my Oni laptop. I played 2 songs, which are “Seperti Mimpi” from Personal States, and “Everything’s Magic” acoustic version from Angels and Airwaves. Here I am:

Seperti Mimpi

Everything's Magic

I'm pretty satisfied with my performance because I did the arrangement by myself with Guitar Pro. I made it for only 2 days on college’s break times. This is why I haven’t updated my blog for 4 days. :)

The, second performance is from APRES 2005 which are Auzan, Ken, and Aryo who play songs from Oasis, and The Police.

Playing "Message in a Bottle" from The Police

The rest of it is playing T2 song. :)

Then the performance went from other APRES 2007 band, which consists of Adit, Piji, Luthfan, Redo, Della, and TB. They played Kerispatih song, and RAN song, which has mellow romantic pop jazz genre.

Playing Kerispatih song

Playing RAN - Pandangan Pertama

Then, the other APRES performed there with some nice songs, from Aryo, Ken, and I didn’t know what’s his name. They played some catchy songs, which I recognize but I didn’t know the title.

The born of Sky and Sight

After that, Elmar wants to play too as a guitarist, and he invites me to play together playing Box Car Racer “Letters to God” and Blink 182 “Man Overboard song. So we together played there as a Tom Delonge fans.


After we performed, another performance from Adit, Piji, Luthfan, Redo, Della, and TB, played 2 more songs. The performance ended after they finished, and we all went upstairs to do the birthday celebration, which was make a wish by turning of the candle, by Pipi, the head of APRES ITB 2007.

After that we did barbequing until late night, but I went home after the cake was being eaten.

Here are the pictures:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you Mom!

I've just got called from my mother, asking about my condition. Well, I told my mom about the Communication subject which we should interview unknown people in malls, with poor apparel. Then, I told her that I finally brave myself to invite friends to come to my house to study. I was able starting to share my problems with other friends.

Then my mom gave me a wuote to make me strong at SBM-ITB.
"If we get pain, Allah is erasing our sin in the world."

My mother told me that I should be strong at SBM-ITB, facing all the daily life at college, and also with the environment. My mom also told me not to be shame or jealous to other people, because I have experiences that people didn't have. It makes my own characteristic, and my mom is very proud of me.

To explain the quote in the real world, my mother gave me an example of the corrosion on the fryer. The corrosion which exist on every fryer only can be erased by sandpaper or hard brush. It would create high level of scratch, which would create pain to the fryer, to make the corrosion went away. It's the same as human. Erasing our sin in the world is like erasing corrosion from the fryer. It would create hurts and pain. But, thats the way Allah give human chance to be a better man in the world.

Thank you Mama!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not a late guy

I late again :(

I write this post just to fulfil my empty schedule of my late. Well, actually I suppose to be in the Communication class at 13.30, but I arrived in 13.45. This is because of my misleading of watching the schedule. I saw the other subject on the other time schedule, which I tought it was the Communication class. I tought that Communication class begin at 14.00.

This is the first time I went home after finished the first class (9.30). So, because there should be a break in the middle, but actually it weren't, the class should be finished at 10.00. So, the mid time break, which should be 4 hours, I kept calculating from 10.00. I actually missed calculated, and I thought it was 14.00.

My track record of comimg on time on the 2nd semester has broken now. I shouldn't do it again.

Not a late guy!

Good, Good, Good

Alhamdulillah, I got a good score for my last CRW II homework. I was given a homework to make introduction paragraph for 3 thesis statement and my lecturer seems glad for my work.

Paragraph 1: Good
Paragraph 2: Good
Paragraph 3: Good

Then today, I learn about how to arrange an introduction using questions to hook.

In the middle of the study, my teacher gave an mental test for 2 minutes. It's a task that we should work in two minutes. The task is crazy. We should do things like shouting to other people, about what food that I like, spinning around 360 degree and write anything we see, and other stuff like that. But actually I didn't look up close the actual things that we should do. Apparently, we only should write PASS on the upper right of the paper. That's it! I was misguided at the time, and attended to finish all the numbers on the paper. :) Great mental test.

Then after the class left, I am learning "Sirens" from Angels and Airwaves, both of the vocal and the guitar. I want to be a composer like Tom Delonge. He made a new type of rock songs, which has their own characteristic. Even tough he infuence from other stadium rock bands like Coldplay, or U2, his influence of Punk Rock, and combination of good and deep lyrics, really makes Angels and Airwaves' song are full of high quality music.

Tom is absolutely a Rockepreneur

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Activities in the last 2 days

Well, it hass been 2 days I havent write in Rockeprenur. I was confuse on the last to day, about what activity should I do fulfiling the holiday.

Well actually I have 2 homeworks to do which are typing CRW's essay for Monday, and SBM homework for 2 numbers for Tuesday. But I havent finished it yet until now. I didn't do it at all. This is Sunday, and I only have 1 day to finish all my homework today.

"You have to love your job." Mrs. Erlina.

This is what I should remember deeply, so I can start my homework. But I feel disoriented because of the mandate from APRES what asked me to go selling JCo Donuts to people, to collect money from it for Ganesha Music Event 2008. And I didn't do it yesterday.

I don't know why what happened to me yesterday, I just got stuck in front of internet all day. Well, at least I arranged 2 new songs on Guitar Pro. I hope these song could be big. I also downloaded Angels and Airwaves' live performances, and interviews from Youtube. I hope this could inrease my fuently in music and interview.

Tom has very fluent arguments when he got interview from a lot of media. Let's say from Fuse TV, Terrie Carr, and Larry King Live. Tom is very fluent describing his arguments. He's loves his job as a band and entrepreneur very much.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have 2 other Blogger profile which has unactive

Well, I just realize that I apparently have 2 other Blogger profile:


It contains 3 other blogs of mine, which are 2 personal weblogs, and 1 commercial weblog. It had been my past story of my life, which I will be a better person today. So, now I officialy close those 3 blogs and the story will all continue in this rock website, Rockepreneur.

"change for the better.." Red Skies - blink-182

My Technorati profile

Rockeprener wants to spread his posts to be shown to all over the world. I hope this action could bring a lot af usefullness to all the people who read this blog.

Technorati Profile

Release the spiders!

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

Happy Chinese New Year 2008! Gong xi fat chai!

Today is Chinese New Year, and chinese siblings from all over the world are celebrating their cultural day's new year.

Some say, the day of chinese new year always be raining, to stand that it's an all success year. But I don't know, why Bandung still hasn't been rain yet until now. Will this a bad year for Bandung? I dont know, I don't hope so.

Well, as today is a new year, so everyone are in holiday right now. Chinese people were going to the "klenteng" and pray there. But what am I doing right now? I just stay at my room all day, browsing for the internet for good topics. But I find some interesting new information today.

Angels and Airwaves, again publish their video to pursue their fans to join as their website available. Then Personal States, which actually a sideproject band of Nudist Island's Vocalsit, Ugeng, made great and catchy songs that I like. The personal of the band, only contains two person, which are Ugeng and Phanee. Their songs are beautiful Chris Carraba's influence, but they have their own characteristic. Just listen to "Esok Lusa Nanti". That's the best song that I like. It tells about a true love of a couple, who are always be together.

Check them here.

So, actually I planned to join APRES to spread the promotion for Ganesha Music Event 2008 to distros and factory outlets, 10.00 in the morning. But, actually I was stunned with the internet. I shouldn't do this next time, because it wasted my chance to be exist to learn how to promote this event.

I have to be better next time. Now, I have to choose, what am I going to do right now. Is it going to Gedung Sate to take picture of this Chinese New Year day's event, ore learning statistic for tomorow. Which one do you choose?

"Kan ku percaya..." Seperti Mimpi - Personal States

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Critical Reading Writing II and STOMP APRES

Critical Reading Writing II

Critical Reading Writing (CRW) II class begun at 13.30 in the afternoon. This was the first class who used fingerprint to absent the student. So with fingerprint, students must be at class on time, and no "ghost students" (who got their name absent, but not in the class). Fingerprint absent require two absents, which held before the start time and after the finished time.

On this subject, we learned about the hook sentence and how to make it. A hook sentence is used to attract people to read more further our essay. A good hook, could consist of personal experience, statistic, or quotes. But, I think it came naturally if the paople are used to write an essay. Any first sentence would be their own hook (because he/she already have a characteristic on each of their writing).

We got a homework to finish the hook from the thesis statement that had already existed. It has 3 thesis statements, and we have to type it.


I am an APRES ITB (ITB student unit of musical apreciation) member, and in short time there will be held the biggest music event on Institut Teknologi Bandung, which is Ganesha Music Event (GME) 2008. This event will show APRES ITB bands which has very unique musical materials, which colaborate the ethnic music of Indonesia and electronic music scene. I Wayan Balawan, the best Indonesian ethnic guitarist, will be perform at the event, which will be hold at somewhere in May 2008.

STOMP APRES itself is an ensemble musical performance from things which can create sound. Today, in 17.00 in the secre, we discuss about STOMP APRES which will held on GME 2008. Apparently, Shery is being choosen as the leader, which has to conduct all of the APRES members, ensembling things. So because, she had a little voice, I was initiated to help announcing each progress point of the discussion, and Alhamdulillah, it went well.

So the next meeting and training of STOMP APRES will be hold in Tuesday, 12th February 2008. We will discuss and train about the things that we need to be the best at the performance. So, I hope it will went well, and our APRES solitude will be increasing more from this event.

Even tough we get unsucsess, we should keep on our success motivation in our mind.
Keep motivating.

Sport study and meet my junior high school friends.

Sport study

Sport study is being held at 7.30 AM-9.30 AM. Well, as the first day, we were being given the introduction of this subject.

Generally, the difference between sport subject at the first semester and the second semester is that, at this semester, we will do a lot of sport games. The scores will be given from the sportivity of group that consist of half of the class. Tho there are total two groups in one tutorial class. The games are futsal, basketball, and fun games. The group who gets the most winner, get the best score for the subject.

We, were also being told a story about our trainer's past student. The student is an ITB undergraduate from electricity major, 1994. He got the best score in all of his work, but actually, he was threaten to dop out because his sport subject. He never come to the training class, so he got T score (unattended mark) in his final report at sport.

The lecturer tells us that we can see characteristic of people from sport. If the person have high ego, the sport always comes bad. But, the person who are good at sport, must have great dicipline and how to control him/herself. A person cannot be "jaim" at sport. If they don't do their best, they cannot approach it furthermore.

Meet my junior high school friends

After the class finished at 9.30, we have class break until 13.30. That's 4 hour brake! So I decided to walk around ITB, finding place to relax and enjoying the scene. I went to Comlabs (ITB multimedia building), searching for graphic design course information. When I arrived, Adit, my highschool friend shout at me. He was brousing at the hitspot zone there. He was at School of Electricity and Informatics Technic (STEI). Today is holiday for the STEI students, because of the laboratory practice that will starting next week. We was downloading some mp3's from some forums.

After some chat, he pointed at one direction and tells that there were Wulung outside. Well, Wulung is one of my best friend at junior high school. He taught me how to play guitar from blink-182 songs, which starting me to know and wondering that they would get me far (clue: Tom Delonge). :)

I met him outside the building, and he were also surpise seeing me. He was searching for his score outside the building when I met him. So we started to chat and started to remember the junior highschool scenes, like a nostalgic. He told me that he has stopped playing guitar since high school. He has integrated a point of view that playing guitar anf listening to the music is a useless activities. He could spend much of his time better seeing other people and studying, than playing guitar and listening to the music.

It is kind of wierd for me to know it, but I actually realized that everyone would get their own way of life. He is actually a very tallented guitar player, but now his mind change and see something better in this world. But I always, and always remember him as my guitar teacher, until now I can arrange some songs and musical instruments. He is now being an ordinary student that searching for his dream, being a great engineer.

Keep a good work Wulung! Happy studying!

Morning friends!

I love SBM very much!

Well, I'll do the third day activities today. Today's subject is sports, and Critica Reading and Writing. I was given a homework to read the chapter 1 & 2 of the silabus. It describe about hoy to write an essay.

An essay itself is consist of:
1. Introductory paragraph
2. Body
3. Conclusion

It apparently easy making an essay. I just know how to recognize those parts on making it.

The introductory paragraph is consist of hook, transition, and thesis statement. Thesis statement is consist of topic and claim. A hook can be use to hook the first rader who wants to read our essay.

Interesting subject apparently, because I love making essays very much. You can preview some of them on Rockepreneur.

"...for peace on earth." Love Like Rockets - Angels & Airwaves.

Ok, the second subject of yesterday is Statistic for Business and Management. The lecturer gave us very strict rules for the class such as, we shouldn't get late even a second! But, I think the rest of subject will be interesting later.

Ok, I have to enter the school sport now. The lecture has came.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lovely ETSF! Badly saying score.

Lovely ETSF!

This is the first day I learn ETSF (Ecology, Technology, and Sustainable Future) in college. This subject is the mixture between Natural Science and Study of Human Society. We learn about the synergy of our environment with the existance of human. It's about the system that we create in this world. So we have to love the nature itself as the source of living of the human being.

The thing that I like is that this subject consist of the mixture between the social and natural aspect. And more, the tutor of our class is based on Study of Human Society totur. So, undirectly, SOCIAL CLASS RULES! Hahaha... (Because in high school, I was at social class, and the paradigm told that natural class is always better than social. Whether I always complaining about that, because I love social class very much.)

At the class we were being given work to describe the synergy between the biotic and the abiotic compounds from the picture that we get. My group were the first group who present the task. We have a picture that shows the city situation on suburban, which still have some natural aspect. We made the synergy like the chain of life. Water is needed by the grass, grass is needed by the animals, animals are needed with human. Animals and human create their wastes which can be use as the source of heat or electricity energy. Electricity, is being use to light the city, that human create. So the conclusion is that human needs all the environmental aspect tu be able to survive and live for better life in this world.

Badly saying score.

Well, as you know, I got 2.89 in my first smester final score. And now I realize that there is no time to regret anymore, unless I change myself as a better SBM-ITB's student from now.

It happened when me with my friend wanted to printed the silabus that we get from the academic. When I was at the parking lot, a car, which consist of six girls of my SBM-ITB's friend, stop beside me. There were also my unextended family's cousin there, asking what am I doing right now. I answered that I was going to print the silabus. Then she asked again about my final score. I was freezing, because one of the girl in that car is my secret admire. Wisely I said to my cousin that I got 2.89. Then she replied that I should get better next time, and I said I hopefully do. Then the car left with plain face of the other girls.

I was badly saying that score to the girls. But, seconds after they left, I started to realize that there is no use to blame myself.

"... it useless!" Not Now - blink-182.

What I want to do now is to love my college. I a focus guy. Only me who can change myself. I am now commit that I am a serious guy at college, and a fun guy outside.

True Love.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The first day of the 2nd smester

Well, 11.30 in my laptop. This is the first day I enter college again and being a good boy. I want to change myself in this 2nd semester.

My first semester final score is 2.89, and I feel sad about it. I want to be a better college student now. I now be more focus in the class.

I remember what Mam Erlina said that "Your body and your mind has to be at the same place". Well Mam Erlina (Drs. Erlina) is our psycologist who is very close to our family. She was being treated good with my grandparents when she graduate from public doctor degree. My grandparents want her to enter psychiatrist. Now, our family and her have a very close relationship.

"You have to love your job." is a quote that I always remember. I love that I am an SBM-ITB student. So, I love the institution (SBM-ITB) that I enter which will create a person that have a characteristic with it. Automatically, I love to accept the rules that the institution want with full of heart. Because I trust that the institution will create great future leader to the country.

The first subject that I learn is CRW II. It's Critical Reading Writing, and we discussed about how to make thesis statement in an essay.

I like to be focus on class. My strength won't be waste unfunctionally. So it's great!

Welcome to the 2nd semester, friends and families!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Iv'e just printed Tom Delonge's Total Guitar's review poster

Well, the initiative came when I realize that I am a big fan of Tom Delonge. Then I look at my rented room (kos-kosan) which is very plain in white. I want to fill the wall with something that inspires me.

Then, I started browsing to some sites, and I started to realize that why don't I put Tom Delonge poster in my room. But, poster of him is very rare, so I have to create it by myself.

I want poster that I can enjoy seeing it everytime. So I have an idea to make his poster that can be read. So it must added some text. But I don't want just a quote. So I browse picture of him that has texts on it. What I found are, a lot of scanned magazine of him, from Total Guitar, and Kerrang!.

So I created a poster which is a compilation of his article on magazines (of course with his picture). It's from June 2007 edition of Total Guitar magazine. Tom is being the cover model and there are 5 pages of his review. I didn't have the magazine, but I found it randomly from

I started compiling one by one, and cleared up the unwanted dots and scan leak (because the pictures that I got, some were being scanned badly with angle, and precise). But after some touch, I t was finished and look very nice to me. You should see it.

I printed on A0 paper size and glossy paper. It took me about Rp100.000 to print in professional digital printing in Bandung (they're a lot in here!).

I want to be look nicer and long last. So after this, I will frame it in black frame with minimalistic pattern. Again, you should see it!

It's great and I am very excited right now, that (at last) there are some picture on my wall.

Rockepreneur is the best!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello there!

Hey, this is Rockepreneur! (Wow, I'm very excited right now) So, today is Friday evening in my weekend. Find a name, find what I want. Then I found this cool domain, which inspiring me very much.

Luckily I got it on Blogger. :) (a lot of domain has been taken here)

Learn English, learn how to rock and learn how to do business with all of this.
Well hello, my name is Tri Handoyo, but you can call my nick name Yoyok.
I did blog such as which are full of high school events articles. But now high school ends, but memory still remains. I want to start new blog again when I enter the School Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bachelor Degree in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Well, I start finding names which are catchy, easy, and really capture people's imagination. Actually, Subhanallah, I got this easy to remind the name, that represent me very-very much.
Rockepreneur itself is a mix between the word "rock" and "entrepreneur". What makes me really excited about the name is that, I have a very influential hero in my life, which is Tom Delonge. As we know, his activities in the rock world has influence most kids to do something with their capabilities. And now he want to do positively with Angels & Airwaves. More, in the business world. He is now known as one of the most influential entrepreneur in San Diego, California (taken from Biz San Diego Magazine). He has Macbeth Footwear, shoes with attitude, also, which distribute a lot of local apparels and clothing stuff from their local sports and community scene.

I think he sells attitude very much, that actually inspired me a lot.

I want to be a positive musician now, and I want to create Rockepreneur is one of the best blog in the world. Or maybe some kind of media that could spread positive things and ideas.
I also want to be serious at college, because, thank god very much that I'm able to enter and study at this school, that not everyone can afford it. Insya Allah, I could get a lot of positive input, and gone away the negative, to be share to all of you guys. Happy holiday!
"Do what you like and do it honestly" taken from the song Rite of Spring - Angels & Airwaves.