Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drama movies = heart feelings & jealousy

Watching movies, especially drama always make me jealous. Yes, it’s true. I think it happens since I was in school until now. Drama or romance movies I think, too much showing “arrogant of romance” that it always being “so fascinating”. It’s very dangerous to be because; it would easily change my perception that “loves always like that”. Moreover is a very deep romance or drama movie, it can easily absorb my soul to follow the movie.

The effect would occur after I finished watching movies. I would feel too melancholic when I see or interact with people. I always feel gloomy after I watch the movies. I also have in mind that, what happens in the movies are actually representing the society (real world), which is absolutely wrong. I would think that I should “deserve” the scenes that happen in the movie in the real world, which sometime made me, had a guilty feelings or heart feelings if it doesn’t happen to me. But in the same way, I couldn’t “control” the people to act like I watch in the movie.

It also affect my mindset to think only "one step", and not thinking the future. Drama movie always shows the "ideal" scenes that happens about the story, and didn't shows the process to make the "ideal" scenes happens. Also, drama movies present only a short story of an event, which is very different with the long and continuous events of the real world. But in the other hand, I personally stunned by them, that would affect, again, to jealousy and heart feelings if it doesn't happen to me. Seems like my like my life are only plotted for 2 hours.

So, I think I should stop my imagination to apply the “synopsis of the movie” in the real life, and not really absorbing the “chemistry” of drama movie to not make me jealous and had a guilty and heart feelings.

PS: I’ve just watch Twilight and it “hurts”.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Tommorow is Angels and Airwaves concert in Jakarta!

I got an email of this poster form Christy, a promotor of Javamusikindo 3 days ago.

See you tomorrow at the Jakarta, Angels & Airwaves concert!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alhamdulillah, I won the meet & greet with Angels & Airwaves!

Subhanallah, I did not realized that I fortunately won the Angels and Airwaves Meet & Greet quiz that Mr. Adrie Subono (Javamusikindo promoter) who brought AVA to Jakarta, Indonesia on December 9th 2008 that just being announced some moment ago.

Here you can find my post somewhere posted in October 25th 2008 for the answer of the quiz.

The result can be seen here.

Thank you very much Javamusikindo for the gift of meet & greet ticket for me. Also to all my friends who have made me in to the music that I couldn't write it down one by one, especially for Wulung, my guitar teacher of all time who taught me how to play guitar with Blink 182 songs who started my journey of guitar, how to create songs, and Tom Delonge. It won't be forgeted in my life. I hope I could share what I got from the meet and greet to all of you guys!

Peace! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

APRES new generation calling!

So, glad that I met the new generation of APRES ITB 2008 that have just being inaugurated in early November 30th 2008 in the morning. They will be the next generation of tomorrow that will change APRES for better future! (I hope.)

I'm tired because I hasn't sleep yet today.
Good night!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bought a Dochi eyeglasses!

After finishing Shalat Jumat at Batan, I straightly went to "pasar kaget" in front of Masjid Salman. Apparently, Masjid Salman still havent finished the Shalat Jumat yet, so I got the "pasar kaget" still not crowded yet. I searched for socks to replace mine that some of it has created holes. Then, I suddenly looked out to the eyeglasses section. I found the glasses that is very popular wear by a lot of teenagers, which is RayBan Wayfarer glasses.

This glasses is popularly wear by Dochi Sadega of Pee Wee Gaskins. I bought the glasses for Rp20.000.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Little Dish

Mmm! I saw a lot of cakes and meal in The Little Dish. Their home base is in Dallas, United States.

Check it in

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diklat Bass Gitar!

See you tomorrow!

*Oops, sorry, wrong time schedule. It has to be on Wednesday, November 19th 2008.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Together like ants

I went out to do the Shalat Jumat in the afternoon, and I did it as usual. The khotbah (the speech about Islamic and life issues, with added Al-Quran and Al-Hadist) talked about the one of Al-Quran surat, which describe that, "speaking good things is like a tree which the roots are soared into the ground."

After Shalat Jumat

After listening to the khotbah and did the shalat, I felt very tired and decided to lay down a little while in the mosque after the crowds has went out. I read some mosque newspapers for a while which talked about the winning of Obama and the influence to Muslim in general in the future. I laid down for several minutes and suddenly it started raining heavily outside. So, I was accidentally trapped in the mosque alone with some people who seems like the members of the mosque.

Saw the ants migrate

As it raining heavily, I couldn't go back to the campus, and I decided to wait in the front of the BATAN Mosque. As I wait, I looked at the ground that actually, there are a group of ants who migrate their home to another places. I saw it carefully, and it looked like they brought their logistics and eggs outside a hole and going back inside to another hole. It inspired me about something that stuck in my head.

The ants reminded me about one of Javanese myth that I recognize of my mom, that if there are a lot of ants live on the ground of our place, it shows a wealthy and prosperous place and/or owner. At least that's what I know. That's why many Javanese interested to The sign of migrating truly shows that the mosque actually is very useful to the others. Well, no wonder that it always being full of people in Friday as people do the Shalat Jumat, or the other day which being used by the people to do Shalat Fardhu (shalat 5 times a day).

Second of it, the aggressive migrating by ants to bring their logistics and eggs to somewhere else, truly represent togetherness. From those crowded ants, I didn't see any ants who brought more than one egg/logistic on each ant. Every ant bought one egg/logistic to be brought to another place. They all work together to accomplish one target, which is migrating.

Sometime if we couldn't accomplish some tasks or some problems, if we pray to god, we would sometime get the answer which sometime unrelated directly. I apparently felt stuck about time management between my activities in SBM-ITB and APRES ITB. I think the ants showed me the way to solve it with some work group...

Cheers! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I feel like I was in high school

I had a task to spread 5 questionnaires about Marketing task about Pawon Pitoe Restaurant at BIP. Ikhsan Mansyur, as the head division of this project gave me this task about 1 week ago, but I just have tome to accomplish it today. Beside only the questionnaire, I should also have to take the person's photo to fulfill the appendix of the report. So I went to BIP and start spreading the questionnaire alone!

Arrived in BIP

As I arrived on BIP, I just started my objective to eat first at the food court and spread the questionnaires there. But actually, as I finished ordering my Donar Kebab, I realized that I actually don't have any pen for people to fill in the blanks. :) So, I decided to finished my dinner first and went to Gunung Agung to bought pens for writing. I bought 4 for 2 JIMNIE pen for it. As I finished buying the pen, in front of Gunung Agung, I met Kesa with his friends. Kesa is my class mate who come from minor class of Civil Engineering 2006 who take Marketing and Finance class in SBM-ITB. They decided to eat at the food court and I decided to join them to accompany the questionnaire filling.

Filling the questionnaire

My first target is a person who sit on a table behind me. There are 2 persons who seems like have been adult and having occupation. They wears apparels who looked like a worker for the government. But after I realized, they were actually college students like me. :)

"Saya foto ya mas, buat tanda bukti."
"Oo, silahkan, silahkan."

Oh ya, actually, Ikhsan told me to target the respondents who have the occupation of workers and not students. So, this time, I have to search for more correct respondents. After some moment, I founded 2 persons who finished eating their meal who seems like they have been adult. So, I gave 2 questionnaires to both of them. Actually, I just amazed that both of them are lecturers from UNPAD (Universitas Padjajaran) who are in charge of postgraduate students. :) So, they fill out the questionnaires with added quotes and "free" lecture about the questionnaire and the report.

"Kamu nanti ngitung pake apa? SPSS?"
"Nggak pak, kita masih pake Excel"
"Ooo, kalau pake SPSS bisa lebih detail. Dari sana kamu harus bisa analisa angkanya. Banyak mahasiswa saya yang nggak ngerti mendeskripsikan angka2nya. Biasanya dosen ngeliatnya begitu, tinggal dari angka2nya aja, terus diuji apakah mahasiswanya kompeten atau tidak. Kalau nyebar gini, terus pake foto gini yaa.. boleh lah, tapi paling ngisinya suka kurang akurat."
"Iya pak."
... (continue with some other conversation)
"Saya dulu juga minta biro nyebar questionernya. Saya minta nyebarin 100, tapi yang balik juga cuma 25."
"Ooo, gitu ya pak."
"Iya, makanya, yang penting kamu bisa mendeskripsikan angka2nya, artinya apa."
"Iya pak..."

With some added value in my head about the report, I thank both of them tho have filled out the questionnaire.

"... jadi deskripsikan angka-angkanya ya."

Went to a fashion store in BIP

I decided to join Kesa and his friends to spent some time in the mall. One of his friends has a long metal hair, and went to a fashion hobby store to bought an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt. The other friend went to a shoe store to buy a pair of sneakers.

"Wah, besok sipil ada acara ya."
"Nggak kok, cuma nemenin belanja2 aja. Gw mah nabung dulu. Nunggu suntikan dana dulu. Kemarin ada tugas kampus nyelesaiin peta, harus ngeprint sampe lebih dari Rp300.000." Kesa answered.
"Oh ya?"

Later on, we went home after the clock ticks on 21.30. We seperate in the parking lot and went home.

The memory

The walk to the shoe store and the hobby fashion store trully reminds me about my high school memory. I remember when I bought the Peavy practice guitar amp in Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Me and my friends are actually doesn't have a habit to spent money in buying stuff, so this time, I decided to do research first about what amp is needed and reachable for me.

So, we went to Mangga Dua by busway, and we used angkot to reach the Harco Mangga Dua. There we found the destination that we have already search on the internet. I bought 1 practice amp and 2 jack for instruments. As I brought the practice amp back to home, I remembered that me and my friends entered an angkot that are full of people inside, and it was in a heavy traffic jam. I remembered the angkot entered the reverse gear and decided to enter the counter way of the road to be able to come back to its pool first, and to avoid traffic jam.

I sat in the most inside and back seat where I couldn't go outside angkot without people besides me went out first, or even move from my seat, and at the reverse gear, I was being noticed by the angkot's driver that I actually closed up his vision to the mirror to the back to see, if it's car passing or not. With grabbing, my guitar amp inside a tight space of the angkot, fy face just facing the counter way of the road, and praying that there are actually no car passing the road while the angkot entering its pool.

It was a great memory of going out to the market with friends, and the moment with Kesa and his friends at BIP is a bit reminding about those memorable time in college.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mustang preparation, Diko’s birthday surprise and Quick Fix practice

Mustang preparation

At the end of the class, I went to Sekre APRES as usual. Actaully, there was a meeting of Mustang Inbox that would be held in November 7th 2008. Adit, the chief, created the meeting to prepare for all the aspects that are needed in the event. As head of the logistic section, Achiem was doing the plan for the logistic. As a person who has been covering the logistic of Mustang Oldies, I helped Achiem to create the architect of the stage with the logistic needs on it.

I gave some contacts of people that Achiem should have as the PIC for logistic. It’s for being able to cover all the things needed to run the event well. I told him not to forget to recheck the logistic that APRES already have (whether run smoothly or not). The meeting also included the event coordinator Rishad who gave me a mandate as Liaison Officer of 3 artists in the event.

Surprising Diko’s birthday

Diko is the head of Jargh Vhua-Vhua 2008 and he apparently had his 20th birthday on November 2th 2008. Soon after the meeting ended, Arum (Diko’s girlfriend) came to APRES brought 3 boxes of JCO Donuts. She said those would be brought to Sabuga, since Diko practice basketball with his friend. But actually, it was raining, and the practice was canceled. So Arum decided to bring the donuts to APRES, and share it for free :), but with a purpose to join her to surprise Diko at his boarding house. So, after enjoying the JCO, still raining, we decided to go to Diko’s boarding house in Tubagus Ismail.

We went together with Rishad, Adit, Fay, Mahar, Dito, Arum, Wulan, and Aul to Diko’sboarding house bringing a blueberry cheesecake as a present that Arum bought before. It was an easy target to surprise Diko without being notice, because Diko’s room is actually in the second floor and we have the time to prepare the candles in the garage. In a humid weather of the rain, we entered together to the house and surprised him in front of his room!

Coming out from the room, Diko went to the living room to celebrate the birthday. He made a wish, and cut the cake into 14 to share with all of us and boarding frineds. Suddenly Kibar made a called that he already arrived to practice with Quick Fix at Sekre APRES, because it already 20.00 o'clock. I told Kibar to postpone the practice since it's already late, and still rainy, telling him about Diko's birthday. In the other hand, 2 of APRES amplifiers were still being fixed that should be ready yesterday. So, I told him to practice the songs by himself at home.

Keep practicing

After the call, I told Aul to postpone the practice, but actually, Aul said it’s ok to practice late. So we decided to go back to APRES to practice. After I give Rishad a ride to his friends’ boarding house, I went back to APRES and decided to practice with Quick Fix. Apparently Helmi has arrived at Sekre and prepared the keyboards. We decided to practice intensely "Terobsesi" from Rocket Rockers and clear Selamat Pagi Juwita from The Adams. Aul and I were focusing in practicing the bass line of Terobsesi. We ended the practice at 22.15 and went home immediately to avoid to be sick caused by the rainy season and the cold Bandung’s weather at night.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Fix!

Yesterday, I decided to practice with Quick Fix, (my band with Kibar, Aul, and Helmi) to prepare for APRES Mustang Inbox performance on Friday, November 7th 2008 at Selasar Plano, ITB. Quick Fix are me as vocal/guitar, Aul in bass, Helmi in keyboards/synthesizer, and Kibar in drums. Mustang Inbox has the theme of performing Indonesian songs (or songs with Indonesian lyrics), so we decided to perform 3 songs which are The Adams - Selamat Pagi Juwita, Rocket Rockers - Terobsesi, and Pee Wee Gaskins – Berdiri Terinjak. I think it’s going to be cool, because we just like being the candidate that represent the youth by performing those songs. :)

I’ve booked the MThree Studio 2 at the road in front of Pertamina gas station in Jl. Dipatiukur at 8 o’clock for one hour for practicing so we have to set our time to start at that time. So, as usual, after class, I went straight to Sekre APRES to meet everybody. Fortunately, there are Helmi and Aul in Sekre, so we decided to practice acoustically in front of Sekre APRES. With keyboards borrowed by PMK (Perkumpulan Mahasiswa Kristen) just a few steps from Sekre APRES, and Echa’s and someone’s acoustic guitars, we practiced until it came to Maghrib.

After we pray Shalat Maghrib, Aul went home first because feeling not well, but we decided to meet again at MThree on time. I decided to eat dinner first before practice I and Helmi went to Pecel Lele in Balubur to have dinnwe. Helmi actually have very limited money to run his life in Bandung. Imagine, he only received Rp600.000 a month and he still decided to attemd a piano course for Rp200.000 a month. So he only could spent Rp13.000 a day (Rp400.000/30days) I imagine he only spents Rp4.000 each time he eats, and Rp1.000 for transportation. But he seems very excited to practice piano and he said he’s ok for only eating twice a day. I surely feel sorry about his condition and as a fact, he also has to share for renting studio for our practice. So, I decided to give Helmi a ride to his boarding house in Gg. Masjid, Plesiran

At Helmi’s boarding house

The boarding house actually can’t be reached by cars, and could only by a size of single 2 wheel cycle, but it seems the neighborhood is good. Helmi greet the land lady mother as a sign he is home. I entered in a 2x2 room that Helmi stays, and I suddenly felt very comfortable as I entered it. Inside the room, there is a sajadah (carpet to do Shalat) put on a soft puzzled carpet, a single bed, a small table, PC and it’s speaker without a monitor, a cupboard, mugs and cups, an electric stove, an a box of his logistic.

He boiled water on his electric stove to serve me a cup of hot tea.

He said, “In this rainy season, it’s the best to drink a cup of hot tea.”

While waiting for water to boiled, he decided to put his clean clothes first.

“Just a minute, I want to take my clothes first”.

We decided to prays Isha first before practicing the band. We went to a small path outside his room to a toilet and a place to wash clothes. We took the wudhu in a spigot near the place for drying the clothes. We only able to pray by turn because the room doesn't have enough space. Helmi, decided to pray first, while I’m sitting on the bed, waiting for my turn.

While I’m sitting, I found a magazine "Development" on his bookshelves. I read about it and actually it’s a magazine about the world in poverty. There are reviews about poverty in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other places in India and Africa. In that magazine I found an article titled “no quick fix” about how to solve poverty in the area. Suddenly, it inspired me to name our band Quick Fix! :)

“Great magazine.” I said, after Helmi finished his Shalat.

“I didn’t know why they still sent that magazine came to me. The subscriber is the person who stays here before me, and it’s just keep coming.” Helmi answered.

After I did Shalat Isya, Helmi poured up the boiled water into a cup of tea and he mixed it with some sugar.

“This is for you.”


Helmi and Me

While drinking the tea, I asked Helmi’s opinion about the name.

“Look at this article.” I showed up the article to Helmi.

I closed the word “no” and asked, “What do you think about this name? Do you agree if our band called ‘Quick Fix’?”

“Yes, I agree!” Helmi answered with amazing.

We finished the tea and went straight to the studio.

The practice

Because Kibar didn’t know the studio yet, I said that cars couldn’t enter the studio, we decided to meet at Alfamart, Jl. Dipatiukur and took a walk to the studio from there. I and Helmi arrived at 19.50 and directly met Kibar near his Suzuki Swift. We went to the studio by foot and we arrived there a few minutes later. There was still no sign of Aul while waiting for our turn, we entered the studio. So we decided to practice without the bass guitar.

We focused on practicing Selamat Pagi Juwita from The Adams, knowing that the pattern is a bit tricky. (When I listen to the word “a bit tricky” I just remembered about my Finance lecturer that always said those words, and I didn’t know why everybody just make fun of it :)) We intensively practiced The Adams and focused to the detail, and after almost an hour, there is still no sign of Aul. So, I decided to make a call, and do you know what? He felt asleep at his house. :(

Practice @ Sekre APRES @ 8 o’clock in the evening

We booked the Sekre APRES for free practice as APRES members today at 20.00. Alhamdulillah, there were some significant progress since the first practice yesterday, and I hope next our performance would improve.

See you at Mustang Inbox!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Audipark - How I See Things

I met, my friend Audi at the toilet during the break and told me to link his blog in Rockepreneur. He create a personal blog called So, I decided to put it in "Historians" like people who decide to document his/her life to create his/her own history.

Check Audipark here.

"Lekas dokumentasikan semua, momentum yang takkan pernah terulang."
Rocket Rockers - Episode Ini

Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s your golden time

If you see Rockepreneur recently, I often post about my time at APRES ITB. Well, actually I just want to feel settled in different environment, met different and more various people beside SBM-ITB. APRES ITB is the only environment that I could express my interest and met other people who have the same interest as me, like music. I could chat with other friends form different faculty and ITB, and involved in the events that is being held by APRES or maybe other invitation from other people and places that related to music. It seems that everybody needs music there. :)

I always remind a quote from my guide lecture, Mr. Dedi Permadi always told us again and again in every lecture meeting per half semester.

“It’s your golden time! You only have 3 years to involve in ITB environment. Make good friends as much as you can and be part of them. Don’t just be in this small SBM-ITB building all the time. You would only meet the same people as usual.”

That’s why I choose APRES as my other environment in ITB than just SBM-ITB. I don’t know why, although there are a lot of events that sometime made me tired and spent much time, mind, and some money, I feel comfortable being part of them. I think APRES ITB is the only campus unit that ignores seniority. We could meet and greet other campus friends from all majors and level in ITB, and we'll just be friends together. There is no jealousy or hard feelings if we interact with people from different majors and levels in APRES ITB. We just have to respect them as younger persons.

If you see my track record in APRES ITB, I personally has been contribute in some of APRES’s events such as Mustang (Musik Petang), Dor-dor Tough, and recently Jargh Vhua Vhua and Diklat, as I contribute as the person in charge. Although sometime it spent much time, but actually it’s time for me to apply management “learning by doing”. I have to be able to manage my time in SBM-ITB, with the tight schedule of activities, side by side with events in APRES ITB. It’s just like how to release over informed management theories in SBM-ITB to events and activities in APRES ITB. So it’s like symbiotic mutualism! :)

I enjoy what I’m doing right now and I hope I could spread all the positivity by it.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diklat Basic Music JVV 2008

Finally, I finished up the busy week after the last Diklat Musik Elektronik and Diklat JVV Basic Music that was held on Friday and yesterday. Thanks for all who's helped to make both events ran successfully!

Well actually I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this Diklat JVV Basic Music because 2 days that I had finished Diklat Musik Elektronik on Thursday. Just after Diklat Musik Elektronik ended successful and made evaluation, we started to talk about Diklat JVV Basic Music. :) I planned to held this Diklat JVV Basic Music long before the fasting month. But apparently, just few days after that, I was being choosen as PJ/Head of Diklat APRES 2008-2009 and got the schedule to create minimum of 5 diklat/clinics, which the second of the diklat (which is Diklat Musik Elektronik) was just set 2 days before Diklat JVV Basic Music. So, I got to be healthy and fit to manage this 2 diklat's without forgetting the schedule at SBM-ITB.

The preparation

At 7.30 in the morning, I already arrived at Sekre APRES, but actually there were still no one at that time and Sekre APRES was still locked. I opened it and started to bring out the logistics needed, which actually was Elmar's job as logistic coordinator. I met Geri at that time passing Sekre APRES. He was going to attend a class, but I asked him to help me to bring some logistics to SBM-ITB parking lot. After we finished bringing some of the logistic, Geri decided to attend class and left Sekre APRES.

After a moment, TB came with a keyboard for his diklat/clinic performance, and helped me to bring some other stuffs to the diklat site. As we got back from the site, finally Elmar came with the help of Aul and another person to bring an amplifier to the site. As I arrived and check the site, the electricity was still off, so I decided to remind the security of SBM-ITB to turn it on.

As Diko and Luthfan came to the site, we decided to do the briefing for the material to be shared to the Capres. We decided to share about tone, scale, interval, and chord for the basic music contents. We did some kind of rehearsal for the presentation with added some jamming to feel relax at the presentation.

The event

As written on the schedule, Capres started mobilized from Sekre APRES to SBM-ITB parking lot at 10 o’clock, and I, Luthfan and TB greet them with Turkish March anthem that recently has been performed in OHU 2008. I opened the show by telling the purpose why we study basic music and give a mindset that say music is easy and fun. We started by explaining about tone that actually, is the basic foundation how music is being read, written and standardized. We continued to the scale section which discussed that music has a pattern from major scale to minor scale. TB, with the help of Diko, explained about the material to be applied directly to the piano.

Next is the interval section that TB asked me to explain first. I explained about the name of intervals that could be segmented in major, minor and perfect interval. Luthfan also explain some examples of intervals to be applied to count the measure of tone. We did an ice breaking by doing funny aerobic movement that is conducted by Diko that followed by all Capres and APRES members there. It effectively refreshed the event and feels like new again. :)

Every Capres who made questions about the materials were given presents from Diko such as Ultra Milk, Nu Green Tea, Pop Mie, Kratingdaeng (spells right? :)), AQUA, etc. It’s to satisfy and keep Capres to focus and critical to the material explained which would be beneficial for further music exploration. We continue discussing about chords. This section, Luthfan, Diko, and TB collaboratively explained about the function and most usual cords that are used in popular music. They explained about what basic tone is used in building chords and the first step to explore extended chord that could be built further.

The Diklat JVV Basic Music was closed by a final test that Capres should answer ten questions related to the materials and 2 more questions related to the Jarg Vhua Vhua in general. The event was closed by telling the Capres that they have to create a final project for their initiation to organize a musical event that would be held next month. The musical event whould present musical performances from bands, acoustics, and non-band performances.

Finally, Diko closed the JVV meeting with the new Capres “Zordon!” yell, which I think is very catchy. :)

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

Friday, October 17, 2008

Diklat Musik Elektronik 2008

After being separated for 2 weeks of lebaran, finally Diklat Music Elektronik was successfully held yesterday evening. :) This is the first time ever APRES ITB held a music electronic clinic to introduce what’s beyond the world of music electronic in Indonesian local scene. This diklat/clinic was presented by Pepi from These R’ Fake and Nathan and Diza from m.u.s.i.k. [elektrik]. All of them are originally ITB students which actually members of OPENLABS Common Room community.

The diklat/clinic, started at 5 o’clock and I opened the show with an introductory about what’s actually electronic music and why APRES ITB presents something about it. Because electronic music is a type that became popular with various music these days. People often judge electronic, music with “disco ajep-ajep” music that spread negatives, but actually electronic music itself could create more dynamic and colorful . Let’s say Homogenic from Bandung or Good Night Electric from Jakarta, which present the hype of electronic music with different colors. Operating and applying electronic music has its own skill, knowledge, and taste of art that I think is important to share and give more musical knowledge to others.

The tutors explained about Reason and other stuff

At the first part of the event, Pepi explained about how to operate Reason Software. FYI, Reason Music software is one of the most popular computer software electronic music used nowadays beside Fruity Loops, and Ableton. She explained more technical about how to operate the software and create loops. She created a sample sounds on stage that is being arrange with her other loops that has been prepared before the event. She create a simple electronic music the first 35 minutes of her explanation.

Nathan shared his electronic music experiences

Next, it’s time for Nathan to share the knowledge. He continued what Pepi explained before and finished the song by completing and adding more effects. The music became more up beat and has more color. Then, Nathan used another feature of the Reason how to create beat and mixing it with other sound samples. With a simple touch, he create a simple upbeat tempo that could be used as the template of the song that is able to add more color.

Diza explained about the gadgets

Diza then explained about MIDI Controller that he brought to add more real-time effects to the music. The controller is actually useful for electronic musicians performance because it could bring the musician to do more dynamic actions on stage. With the help from Nathan, Diza played his MIDI Controller and rotating the switch which added more tone dynamic from close to open. The action is often used by bands such as Rocket Rockers or Pee Wee Gaskins to add dynamic synthesizer sound in their songs.

The attendances are given the opportunity to ask questions and many of them seem to be excited and wanted to know more about the electronic music. There's someone asked about MIDI or other samples used in the music and answered by the tutors. There's also an attendances who asked about the price to create electronic music. The tutors answered that actually creating electronic music is cheaper than conventional music because, software piracy are actually more reachable than the original. But the tutors pointed that the reason is the need of applying creativity.

Giving APRES charter for the tutors

I closed the show by asking them to contact if necessary Pepi, Nathan, Diza’s MySpace or band websites that are attached in the handout. We gave the tutors an APRES charter as an appreciation for having shared the knowledge to the attendances. The charter was given by the head of diklat/clinic by myself, head of Unit APRES ITB 2009/2010, Mahar, and head of music division, Fay.

Pepi received the APRES charter

After the show, many attendances meet with the tutors since they want to know more about electronic music, included my friend TB who were very excited as an electronic music expert with his keyboard skill background. Overall, this is one of the best diklat/clinic APRES has ever made, and I personally are satisfied. I received a lot of appreciation from the tutors having held the diklat/clinic. Thanks for everyone who has helped to create the show especially for the committee!

See you at the next diklat/clinic!

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eyang Retno Sriningsih passed away

Inalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

My grandmother from my mother side, Retno Sriningsih Satmoko binti Martosudirmo just passed away on Friday, October 10th 2008 in Semarang, Central Java, at 19.45 because of her illness. She has total 10 children and 25 grandchildren at the age of 77. All of our family and relatives attended the funeral on October 11th at Bergota Cemetery that afternoon. I personally informed the information to my friends and others that related to my grandmother that I know.

The news spread to friends and family very quickly, and personally, I went straight from Bandung to Jakarta in evening to catch the flight to Semarang, the next morning. I arrived at Semarang with my sister Indri, and my cousins Yoni and Santi at 07.15. We went to Jl. Kelud Raya no. 4 by taxi and met our other relatives. Thanks God, we still got the chance to read Surat Yasin and Shalat Jenazah for Eyang Putri Satmoko.

Still "sungkeman" at Idul Fitri

After my grandfather passed away 2 years ago, my grandmother started to be sick because of being feeling lonely. She fast everyday and often without sahur that periodically decrease her health. Moreover, she has a tumor in her stomach just a few months ago, although the surgery successful. She actually has enough physical health to live normal, but feeling being left by her husband still defect her health after all.

We still did "sungkeman" (traditional culture of forgiving and giving and receiving wise advice from the old to the young that usually held in Lebaran Idul Fitri day after finishing 30 days of fasting for the Muslims) and meet and greet just a week ago at 2nd and 3rd of October, and Eyang Putri (the name we usually called my grandmother) still gave us wise advices to keep Satmoko family to be solid and harmony to do the best in helping other people in a good way.

The funeral

Actually, my Eyang Putri was involved in Indonesian veteran and was a "guru besar" of Universitas Negeri Semarang. So the funeral was organized by both the university and the military way. The corpse was brought first to the Masjid Universitas Negeri Semarang to do the Shalat Jenazah, than to the auditorium of (Unnes) to be honored as one of Indonesian education person who struggle especially for the Unnes by the president of (Unnes).

I hope all of the good things that my grandmother did is being blessed by Allah SWT, forgiven all of her mistakes, and placed in the best heaven.

Goodbye Eyang Satmoko Putri! :')

Edited in Jakarta, 11/11/08 by Aunt Parlin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diklat Musik Elektronik briefing

On Monday, I, Pepi, Nathan, and Diza did briefing for the electronic music clinic that would be held in October 16th 2008. We discussed about the materials to be shared to all the viewers of the diklat. This diklat / clinic will be the first diklat ever that present about electronic music, so we work hard to make sure that everything fulfilled and under control, so we could give the best electronic music lesson to all the viewers.

Pepi and Nathan discussing about the materials

We finally decided to bring Reason music software to present the basic electronic creativity because, Reason software is one of the most conventional music software that is being used by a lot of electronic musician nowadays. Next, we will introduce what gadgets that usually being used by electronic musician such as sound card, laptop, and MIDI controller. All the action will be visually displayed in a projector that would be visibly and interactively learn by all the viewers.

Preparing for the event

The next briefing would be held in Sunday, October 13th 2008 at Sekre APRES that would revise and added the handout and starting the publication.

See you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SBM-ITB Sahur on the Road 2008

Yesterday, I woke up in 2.15 in the morning by a phone call from my friend Egan.

“Yok, you’ve listed to join Sahur on the Road right? Come to Ganesha Road in front of ITB now. We are going to share the sahur foods.”

“Ok. I’ll be there soon.”

With haven’t taken any shower yet, I prepared myself for Sahur on the Road with double shirts covered by hooded jacket, long jeans, and my New Balance shoes to hold the coldness of Bandung early in the morning. I just realized that actually, my hand was freezing on the road by riding my Honda Karisma X to the site. I arrived at the front gate of ITB for about 2.30 and I’m amazed that there were already a lot of cars parked at the front gate.

Share the sahur foods

The committee which headed by my friend Wildan, listed 12 cars to spread the sahur foods, but actually, there are more cars attended to join Sahur on the Road which are about 14-15 cars. The cars divided into 3 teams to be spread into 3 sites in Bandung, and got the Ciumbuleuit and Pasopati Bridge’s sites. I decided to join Kibar’s car to do the spread it because actually, the cold weather is unbearable to ride with my motorcycle. :) So, with Misykat as the lead car, we started to go convoy to the site.

We passed the back gate of ITB, and I saw there was also a car convoy from another major in ITB, and it looks like from Geodesy major. Looks like, they were doing Sahur on the Road too. :) We passed along the Ciumbeuleuit road, but we didn’t find any vagrants to be given. So we decided to move along to the Pasopati Bridge. After we arrived there, we parked our cars and search for people who live below the bridge who might be in needed. Actually, there was nobody below the bridge that made us decided to walk more to Jl. Tamansari, but before we went to tamansari, we gave some sahur foods to the workers who was repairing damaged roads near Pasopati Bridge.

In Tamansari, we found some becak (Indonesian traditional public transportation like 3 wheels bicycle that could ride up to 2 persons in front of it) riders who’re still sleeping. We woke them up and gave them the sahur foods to run the fasting. As we move accross the road, we found taxi driver and warung keeper who are in needed that we decided to gave them the sahur foods also.

Trip to Tangkuban Perahu

The time has shown 3.15 after we finished sharing up the sahur foods to the people on the road. We decided to go back to Jl. Ganesha ITB to have sahur together. After we finished sahur at 4 o’clock, Wildan told each car to prepare to go to Tangkuban Perahu to see the sunrise together. This time, I didn’t ride Kibar’s car anymore because Wildan told me to join with his car with Egan.

We stop at a mosque which I think its Masjid Raya Lembang to pray Subuh together. We continue to go to Tangkuban Perahu passing very dark road of Lembang, across the forest. We finally arrived at Tangkuban Perahu at about 5.20, and Alhamdulillah, we could see the sunrise together at the site.

Sunrise at Tangkuban Perahu

This is the second or third time I went to Tangkuban Perahu since the last time I was in elementary school. I still recognize the smell of the sulfur that is produce in the crater of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. This site is famous by the traditional Indonesian legend of Sangkuriang. The story could be read here in Indonesian.

We did a lot of photographing at the site and we all SBM-ITB gather as a group watched the sunrise together. After the sunrise was over, we decided to walk along the path of the mountain to reach one of the passive craters that we could walk on it. It took for about 15-20 minutes to reach the crater on foot, passing the road of rocks made by sulfur. Finally we arrived at the crater, and we created the word “SBM ITB” from gathering ourselves that being took the picture from the lip of the crater.

We went back to the mountain site and we closed the Sahur on the Road with a pray and “Salam Ganesha” by Egan at 8 o’clock. I, Wildan, Misykat, and Egan drove back to ITB to drop me in the front gate. I arrived at 9 o’clock in the front gate and drove home with my motorcycle. In hurry I took shower and went back to ITB to do the Jargh Vhua-Vhua that has started in 9 o’clock. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diklat Gitar Akusitk APRES 2008

At September 18th 2008, APRES held an acoustic guitar diklat/clinic in Sekre APRES, Sunken Court. It started from 17.15-19.00 with the break of buka puasa and shalat Maghrib. The event featured Luthfan Widyanto and Ilmam Mukhlis (Piji) as the tutors, claiming as the guitarists of band Fruit n’ Salads. The event was attended by a lot of viewers who wants to learn more about acoustic guitars from APRES, Capres, to ITB public.

The idea

It came from the idea that nowadays, there are bands from APRES members which came out with acoustic format. Let’s say Baby Eats Crackers which applies melodic pop with heart melting symphony in their music with fresh lyrics, or Fruit n’ Salads which applies acoustic fusion genre with melodic acoustic tunes covers by romantic lyrics. Combining with the fasting month ambience, seems like acoustic guitar clinic is the one that would be acceptable, rather than another type of music clinics. This is for the first time APRES held an acoustic guitar clinic after last year applying metal, and blues guitar clinic.

And the show begin

The viewers started attending at 5 o’clock in the evening. Looks like Capres who came to the clinic, seems using the chance to take autographs from APRES members. This is one of the reasons why the clinic started late 15 from the schedule. So, I guess, we should start the event earlier to prevent further lateness.

The most interesting scene at the clinic is that, there are several Capres who brought their own acoustic guitar to learn the lessons straightly by doing it. I was very glad that by brining acoustic guitar to the clinic, shows that Capres were very enthusiastic to join the show very much. Salute to Capres 2008!

Capres bringing their own acoustic guitars

I opened the show with the overview about acoustic guitar. I explained about the short history, the construction, and the existence of acoustic guitar in popular music. Continued by Piji, he explained about the chord building that acoustic guitar usually use from 9th to suspended notes. He also told stories about the philosophy of Fruit n’ Salads music that apparently using several same root notes which is 9th note because of Piji’s personal relationship that related to the 9th date. A lot of theories came out from this section and looked like the viewers are staying to be focus at the show. Piji’s presentation about chord building started to attract a lot
of questions that lead to bring the material to be more focus.

Piji explaining about acoustic guitar chord building

The presentation continued by Luthfan by explaining more to the acoustic guitar technical. Luthfan present more detail to the scale about pentatonic and diatonic scale. Luthfan added the material with more melodies that usually used in Fruit n’ Salads. Some viewers asked about the characteristic of acoustic guitar that usually being used by Fruit n’ Salads, and Luthfan and Piji said that there is some Depapepe influence in their song. They started to play sample of Fruit n’ Salads songs to assured the viewers. During the clinic, Piji and Luthfan often giving view examples of combination of rhythm and melody in acoustic guitar.

Piji & Luthfan, absolute acoustic guitaritst

Rishad, the innocent photographer

Diklat part two

Still going on

We had a break for open fasting for about 30 minutes from 18.00-18.30. Fortunately, the viewers are very loyal to the clinic that makes them still standing until the end of the show. It started again at 18.30, and this time is more to the acoustic jamming. Started from Luthfan who did the Erik Mongrain and Justin King style guitar playing on his thigh with D tuning which amazed most of the viewers. He said that they are several of the most inspiring solo acoustic guitar players that could be learn straightly from Youtube.

Luthfan demoing Justin King guitar style playing

During the show, there is a Capres named Daniel who seems has a high level of curiosity to the clinic. He’s the most often questioner who asked about secrets of acoustic guitar. But Piji and Luthfan seems served each of his questions open mindedly to make sure that what he wanted for the question, answered correctly.

Finally, we ended the show at 19.00 in the evening with the closing by giving an APRES charter to Luthfan and Piji as the tutors. This is the sign of appreciation that APRES, as music appreciation unit should do. We thank the viewers who’ve come to the show good and loyally.

APRES charter to the tutors

Diklat Musik Elektronik, October 16th 2008

See you at Diklat Musik Elektronik at October 16th 2008! We will share and discuss about the secret of electronic music. This is special diklat will features Pepi from These R Fake with Diza and Nathan from m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik]. They’re highly competent tutors with creative electronic music they’ve created. Hope it will fulfill your music creativity. Bye!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

See you at Diklat Acoustic Guitar tommorow evening!

Do you want to do "ngabuburit" by learning acoustic guitar with you friends? Come to Diklat / Clinic Acoustic Guitar!

Thursday, September 18th 2009
17.00-18.00 WIB
At Sekre APRES, Sunken Court, ITB

There will be a short lesson about acoustic guitar that would be useful to develop you acoustic guitar technique!

We also provide you "Buka Puasa Bersama" added Rp3000 for the Ta'jil!

Be there and bring all of your friends to come!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mustang Jarg Vhua-Vhua 2008

Today is the 3rd day of Jarg Vhua-Vhua, and this time, APRES applied combination between Jarg Vhua-Vhua, Music Division, and Ganesha Music Event 2008 committee. It come out to be great, seeing the enthusiastic from APRES members itself and from the Capres (nyeet.. Sula Mahaken! Siap kita!). :)

The preparation

Started from 8 o’clock, the committee had the briefing about the event, the rundown, and the final job desk confirmation about the event. In 9 o’clock, we started to mobilize to GKU Timur to prepare for the logistic of the show to do the check sound for bands that would perform. Luthfan took care of the logistic, Dimas took care of the rundown event, TB took care of the artistic for the event, Gora took place for the video shoot, and I took care of the picture documentation.

Me, Danis and TB went to search for bamboos for the backdrop foundation, and we decided to borrow it from the workers that just modifying the ITB environment. We finally had 6 piece of bamboos, with reused and modified GME 2007 backdrop, TB, Titut, Nasa, and the rest of the artistic team made to create an artistic “V alphabet look” backdrop, which I personally like it because it showed the character of Jarg Vhua-Vhua itself. That’s truly an artist job to maximize project with limited resources.

TB, Titut, and Nasa, working for the backdrop.

The check sound ended in about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and everybody went to Sekre APRES to welcome the Capres. I just stayed in GKU Timur because the bottles of melody that I would use in STOMPRESS still haven’t been tuned yet. Moreover, yesterday was a disaster because one of the bottles broke because of an accident. So, I preferred to stay at GKU Timur for a while before went to sekre.

The show

Capres was being mobilized to GKU Timur earlier than the rundown, which were about 14.15. STOMPRESS greet the first arrival of Capres by presenting simple beat. Raka and Fay as the MC went out opening the show which is started by performance of Fruit and Salad. They performed 3 songs with one opening songs, which are "More Than Welcome", a new song, and "Show Me The Way". FYI, Fruit and Salad has ever performed in some ITB event, such as Kompetisi Film Independent by LFM ITB, OHU, and even Acoustic Night 2008 SBM-ITB which you can see their performance here.

Fruit and Salad

The uniqueness of this Mustang is because; there was slideshows of each band that would perform at the show before the band performed. So the viewers could know the profile of the band first before the bands actually introduce themselves.

Second performer was STOMPRESS! Yes, this is the 3rd time I performed with STOMPRESS after Gonjang Ganjing Kampus ITB and Widyatama University event here, but I actually ruled different position this time. I got the bottle melody that actually should be covered by Shery. But, because Shery had the “ospek jurusan”, so I got to cover the bottles that I just learned it for few hours by autodidact. :) We just copy the pattern of the song just like the performance in Ganesha Music Event 2007. Alhamdulillah, with few mistakes, STOMPRESS finished it well.


We all agreed that Raka and Fay, performed well as the MC. Raka, with Tukul style jokes, combined with “crunchy” question and answer jokes by Fay. They could keep the flow of the event to be as interesting as possible. But after STOMPRESS was finished, when I continue doing my documentation, Raka asked me to explain how to tune the bottle of melody to a girl named Alex. I watched that she has been actively attending Jarg Vhua Vhua for these three weeks. I explained that the bottles are usually tuned by glockenspiel or keyboard. I also added that, in playing STOMPRESS, we usually just using notes that are needed for the song that we’re going to play.

Alex being interviewed by Raka and Fay.

Next, it’s time for BEMS to perform at the show. BEMS perform well at the show, but seems Agam, the vocalist, was look like very shy to interact with the viewers. It might be related to the “osjur” program of the Fine Art major that he related to it. :) As the Sax, Vero performed well at that time, and that’s the first time I heard the song “Wanita”. They performed 3 songs which are “Crazy Night”, a jazz cover of Nidji song, and “Wanita”.


It’s time to Cerpintaxt to rule the show. The band have been existed for 2 years, and has create several songs with rock n’ roll influence. I didn’t know much about their songs played in the first 3 songs. I only recognize “Nice and Easy” as their key songs which they performed last. I pretty satisfied with Echa’s performance in the drums. He could create the spirit of each Cerpintaxt songs to be catchy. But I was a little bit afraid of the vocalist appearance though. :)


Baby Eats Crackers finally performed at the show. This is my most wanted band to be perform at the show (after STOMPRESS for sure! :)). When I listened to their songs, and looked at to their performance, Baby Eat Crackers has a very high characteristic as a band. When I listened to their song, I felt like I went back to my childhood era when I listened to fairytales. They once dedicated the song "Saat Shery Bermain di Hutan" to a 3 year old child who got an accident when he rides horse in Jl. Tamansari, which caused him to dead. Ay performed the fairytale very fluently, and match with the song accurately with also playing glockenspiel at once. Great! Then, they performed their song “Aloha Opa” about a senior lecturer named Mr. Tatang from Architecture major who has existed in ITB since the era of the first Indonesian president, Ir. Soekarno still study there. With not forgetting to visit their MySpace page, overall, BEC performed very well at the show. Salute!

Baby Eats Crackers

Here comes the last performance of the show, which is APRES collaboration. It came out to collaborate Aryo, BEC’s drummer, Hanif, Cerpintaxt’s guitarist who played the bass, Vero, BEMS’s Saxophonist, Luthfan, Fruit and Salad’s guitarist, Devie, Fruit and Salad’s vocalist, Redo, and STOMPRESS. We performed the song “Ekspresi” which ended the Mustang JVV 2008 show.

Together buka puasa

After the show, we got the time to shalat Ashar and then went back to Sekre APRES to buka puasa together. We finally had buka puasa with Shafro du’ Colax, (the appetizer of Sachto du’ Fomach) :) together in front of Sekre APRES.

See the video:

We finally ended the Jarg Vhua-Vhua meeting, and Capres were allowed to go back home. We had the Maghrib pray and continued with the evaluation. Overall, the show and JVV today went well, and we all seem to enjoy the show very much. But it so lame that APRES didn’t sell any of their compilation CD which consist with the artists performed today to the viewers because, the committee seems didn’t organize it very well. For anyone who wants to buy the APRES compilation CD, just come to Sekre APRES and bought them there.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Bang Company presentation

Bang Company, is the company that Tutorial 2B class named for the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) SBM-ITB subject. This is a business simulation subject that every 2nd year student of SBM-ITB should learn.

Today, is time to present our ideas to Bank Niaga, and the rest of SBM-ITB lecturers and tutors. We decided to to use batik as our presentation uniform. Julian as the CEO present the slide that has been develop from all divisions from Marketing, Research, Production, and Finance to communicate our company's vision and mission, goals, and the ideas of the products. I contributed in developing the right word description to each products to be presented.

Meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit

We together prepared the presentation by held a meeting at Cabe Rawit, Ciumbuleuit. After we finished eat our dinner, we straightly run our meeting each division. I got the work to develop the right word description about the products that Bang Company's purpose. I learned a little bit about propaganda in pursuing people to catch up our product.

We hope that we would get the best product to be sold on the next semester.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Radio Day!

September 11th is the Radio Day for Indonesian radio broadcast stations. Radio broadcasts from public to private radios all over Indonesia, celebrate their 63rd birthday of the first radio broadcast in Indonesia, which is Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). As a radio listener, I personally salute from radios that broadcast in Indonesia especially for radios that have more content like RRI. Although some say, RRI, as the oldest radio station in Indonesia, still statically broadcast it’s content, but it actually the only radio that still reminds the listeners about the culture of RRI itself from when the radio was first born until now.

The jingle of the radio which hasn’t been change since it was first born, has create it’s own trademark for the radio. I always feel calm when I listen to the radio’s jingle because, reminds me about my childhood when I listen to the radio. The jingle still the same until now.

I hope Indonesian radio broadcast could develop their quality and could create more value by broadcasting more educated contents. I’m a guy who prefers listening to radio than watching TV because, beside TV nowadays have low level of educational content and too much commercial, I could be more interactive with radio and could receive more up to date information, especially from RRI. I also a guy who prefer listening to music than watching movies, which makes me loves radio more.

Spread more positive value and contents and success for radio stations all over Indonesia! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Research on progress

Research on progress

I with Sandy Bondi, is being choosen as the questionnaire developer to run the research of our IBE project. Btw, IBE is a subcject in SBM-ITB that simulate us to run real business. It has total 5 credits and require innovative ideas, and great organization in it. Julian is being choosen as the CEO of our company, Bang Company, as the company from toturial 2B class.

Finance quiz for The Flash :)

Well, in the morning, I just finish Financial Analysis quiz that I think didn’t make sense between the length of time and the questions given. We should finished 13 questions for 15 minutes only. The lecture showed the questions in a medium sized slideshow that divided into 3 parts which is shown in the auditorium class.

You could imagine how small did the questions shown in the class, and with minus half that my eyes had, I can hardly seen the questions. So, I spent more than 10 minutes to copy the questions in front of the class, and could only working to the quiz less than 5 minutes. Plus, my pencil case that has all my writing tools and my calculator was gone away. In the end, I could only finished 1 from 13 questions. :)

More actvity to come

I will have the SBM-ITB Culture and Art Division meeting in 13.00, Principle of Management quiz, and APRES meeting, dicussing for JVV after the class. So, another hectic day today, but I’m glad that I could have the time to update Rockepreneur. I hope, I could still do this routinely, fulfiling short spare times that I got.

Success always!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New spirit in fasting month

First, I want to say happy fasting in this Ramadan month for all the Moslems. I hope we could repair our takwa to Allah SWT and positive things that we do in this whole month are being blessed.

I feel to be more focus in this Ramadan month to all the tasks ahead. Nowadays, I’m being busied by SBM-ITB tasks and APRES ITB unit organization. Alhamdulillah, I’m being trusted to be choose as the Coordinator of Education and Training Division of APRES 2008, PIC of Education and Training in “Jarg Vhua Vhua” APRES 2008, and involved in research team in IBE of SBM-ITB. So, I might be hectic this month and ahead, and I would probably not often updating Rockepreneur for a while.

I want to be a better person this time, and I want to be more focus to all the tasks and to be more takwa to Allah SWT. I hope I could finish the tasks ahead bravely as the best as I can. Save energy, time, and mind to help the others.

“We have the same 24 hours a day, but why the level of success are so different? It’s about the effort and work hard.”

Happy fasting day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's do this again!

"...lepaslah senyuman saling merangkul
genggam erat semua tutur ikrar."

whisperdesire - "Kembali"

"Such an optimistic point of view..."

Pee Wee Gaskins - "You Throw The Party, We Get The Girls"

"...lets start, start, hey!"

Paramore - "That's What You Get"

Let's do this again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nisfu Sya'ban night at Jati Indah

This morning, I went fitness and swimming with Misykat in Gallery Ciumbuleuit. I met Dika just when Misykat went preparing for the fitness in the second floor of the house. Dika said that he read the recent posts of Rockepreneur which reviewed about Rocket Rockers until the last post about my final score, and I really appreciated with that. Thanks! Misykat only did fitness but I did both of them. We finished at 10 o'clock and closed by Yellow Rice dinner at Jl. Sumur Bandung, and Yes, they're cheap!

Went home early

I already booked Citi Trans to Jakarta at 12.15 just the last day, and my initiative job to clean up my room still haven't been finished yet until an hour before the departure. So, I decided to clean it up directly and just made it look neater. I decided to make up my room to be more like a "student room" than a studio after I got my final short semester score that you could read it on my last post.

I traded my 10 tickets by 1 free ticket + a friendship card from Citi Trans that I still don't know when I actually got it, and went home as usual.

No signal

I arrived at Jakarta at 15.00, but actually I arrived home at 17.45. :) Well, something happened on the pickup of my arrival. First is because my cell phone was out of battery, and second is because my cell phone couldn't receive signal anymore. About the second problem, I excused it because my Nokia 3100 has been almost 6 year old since the third grade of my junior high school.

It started when I late to call Mr. Parno, my home assistance to pick me up at the arrival. Then, I just realized that my cell phone wasn't receiving signal anymore after I forced it to turn it on after dead by low battery. In the other hand, I decided to surprised Adit, my high school friend that his house located near the travel station. I surprised him by giving him Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop DVD tutorial to practice graphical design that he love.

Nisfu Sya'ban night at Jati Indah

Nisfu Sya'ban is the remembrance day of Islam which is placed in the Sya'ban Islamic month. It's believed that Allah SWT will planned a person's faith on the next 1 year, so Muslims usually memorized the Nisfu Sya'ban night by reading Surat Yaasiin in Koran. I read the Surat Yaasiin in Al-Muhajirin Mosque near my house at Jati Indah.

I hope the next year will be better than the last.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IP 2.4 with a smile :)

Late to know the semester registration

In Monday morning, I woke up late after Shalat Subuh early in the morning. I was very tired that morning and I looked at my cell phone and there was a SMS from Deva. It received in 01:18:09 early in the morning. He asked about the lecturer meeting that would occur Monday morning. With not fully awake, I replied, must we attend the meeting or not, because I was still in Jakarta at that time. It didn’t reply after that.

I continued my sleep until my mom who has departed from home called and asks me to help her downloading and printing her CV from the internet. The weird thing is my re-slept after I woke up early in the morning, I dreamed about something in hurry. I forgot it. After I downloaded and finished the printing in my parent’s computer, I decided to clean up the PC using CCleaner as I read from Laptop Magazine as the best cleaning tool to clean up your computer that would feels like new. I installed AVG Free and SpyBot Search and Destroy to protect the PC.

I looked at the time again and it has shown 10 o’clock. No SMS replied, I decided to SMS Albi, my other friend. He replied that the meeting is actually important because it related to the legislation from our lecturer and registration to take the next credit of semester. I started to feel awareness after this. Suddenly, Deva replied, that we must attend the meeting that opened from 8-11 o’clock in the morning! :O He continued that we must register it via internet first, before we came to the lecture and register the proposal. :O

Well, the clock started to point 10.30 in my room, and I’m still grabbing my cell phone in front of my stereo. As I felt disoriented, I called Mrs. Ikum, SBM’s admin to clarify the information. She said that the meeting is very important and the internet registration only can be applied in ITB server. The clock showed 11 o’clock and I’m still in Jakarta. I decided to SMS my lecture about the situation that I just know that there’s a lecturer meeting this morning. Fortunately, he replied that we would still be in SBM-ITB until 17.00. Yes!

Went to Bandung in hurry

I started finding information about the closest time travel available to Bandung. I got Citi Trans in 14.15 and X-Trans in 13.15. With hurry I decided to take X-Trans with closer 1 hour from Citi Trans without knowing what was going to happen at that time. As I arrived at X-Trans, I directly met a cruel receptionist that didn’t trust me at first that I don’t have a Rp10.000 change. Then, after 13.15 and we depart from the Fatmawati station, we didn’t directly went to Bandung, but you know what, we went to Pondok Indah station first to join with the others with a bus! :( My hope to arrive at Bandung at the minimum time of 16.00 started to fall.

Arrived in Bandung

Be patient with all the stressful moment, I decided to take a nap in the bus. After I woke up, I already shown km 67, which we already entered Cipularang Highway. I decided to take a nap again. When I woke up again, it already shown km 120. It already closed to Bandung. Fortunately, as we arrived at Pasteur gate, I looked up the person’s wristwatch beside me and it still shown, 15.30. Alhamdulillah, I could still achieve my target! But you know what, the bus actually never stopped at Dago. It stopped at Chiampelas! Well, with disorientation increased again, I asked a person in front of the terminal to catch the Dago route angkot (Indonesian car public transportation). He said uses the Margahayu one that leads to BIP. He said that there’s no direct angkot to Dago from Chiampelas. If I want to go to upper Dago, I should take another angkot there.

Went to ITB

I thanked the guy, and started to go. I directly arrived at BIP, and I didn’t realize that I was out of “receh” (small amount of Rupiah which often used to pay public transportation or other small price occasion). The cash in my wallet are a Rp20.000, a Rp50.000, and a Rp100.000. So, after I jumped off from the angkot, I searched for the closest “warung” (small kiosk that sells snacks, drinks, and cigar, which you can only find it in Indonesia :)) to buy something to break the money up. I bought Rp1000 bread and a bottle of Nu Green Tea with my Rp20.000 and I got 4 pieces of Rp1000 and a piece of Rp10.000. I finally got the “receh” to go to ITB.

As you know, angkot’s driver has a behavior of “ngetem” (doesn’t want to go before the wanted amount of passenger filled up the angkot), and the crowded place like BIP is the most favorite place to do it. I have to wait for a while before the angkot go. In the road, I asked a person beside me about what time is it. The clock has actually shown 16.20! OMG, my target was actually broke for late 20 and more minutes. I arrived at Jl. Dayang Sumbi and walked directly to SBM-ITB. As I stepped in, the clock showed 16.30. Subhanallah!

The legislation

I have to make my proposal of legislation first from the internet before I met my lecturer. Fortunately, there were still Jatun and Ikrom at the computer room. I asked them to process the proposal to be able to be printed down to paper to be legislated. It was kind of complicated and I wondered how I could do it without any help. So, thanks Jatun and Ikrom for your help!

I printed out the paper and straightly went to Mr. Dedi’s room in the 3rd floor. As I arrived, the clock still shown 16.45, and Mr. Dedi, my lecturer, was still in his room. Alhamdulillah! With breathtaking, I gave the proposal to him and he rechecked it before he signed it.

The final score

I thought it will be good news that I made to arrived and met Mr. Dedi at that day. But actually, I just found out a fact about the final score of my short semester.

“How’s your score”

“I didn’t know sir, I just only know that I got C in Accounting.”

“C? What happened?”

“Well, it’s just about time management, sir.”

“What about the other?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“Well, let me check it first.”

He browsed the local server about the score of his students.

“Look, you got 2.4 for your final score.”


“Yes. See, you got C in Managemet Practice and B in Psychology of Bussiness.”

“I didn’t notice at all that I could get those scores, sir.”

“What happened Yoyok?”


I was trying to be patient at that situation, and straightly looked at myself. Those result truly kicked me in the face.

“Ok, those are your scores. Let me calculate… Your cumulative score is 3.13. Well Yoyok, this semester you would face harder subjects than the first and second semester. You have to work harder. You would have less time to play. The subjects are more focus.”

“Yes sir.”

I won’t discuss and debate about my scores anymore, especially for Management Practice… Because, debate is only a debate. You don’t do it…

“So Yoyok, have you think about the subject that you would take in the third year?”

“Subject to take?”

“Yes, you would choose 3 subjects from any majors in ITB in the third year. Have you think about it?”

“Mmm, I don’t know.”

“What do you want?”

“Mmm, any subjects?


“Mmm, FSRD maybe?”

“What, FSRD? (with little laugh.) Seriously, what do you want to be Yok?”

“I don’t know. It still confusing sir.”

“That’s a major. What subject do you like from there?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t research for it yet sir.”

“Well, just be prepared for it. Do a lot of research from your friends. It stills a year to go.”

“Ok sir.”

Well I’ve got to choose subjects from other majors in ITB in the third year. I just surprised and FSRD is the major that popped in my mind. :)

Missed the registration at Monday

After I looked up the time which has shown 17.00, I’ve realized that the main registration in Aula Timur ITB has been closing. But, I decided to go there to ask the people there the time open tomorrow, which I got it in 8 o’clock in the morning.

Did registration Tuesday morning

I did registration in Tuesday morning, joining with the other majors in ITB and a few SBM-ITB majors students from 2005. As I finished the registration, (Alhamdulillah!) I went out from the building and I suddenly met Albi. I asked him why he came for registration this morning. It’s because he’s a person that ensured me that there should be any meeting with the lecturer and registration. I thought he already done it all in Monday like other else’s students. He told me that there was something to be done first at Monday that made him submit it on Tuesday.

Ready for the next start

The score truly kicked me out. At the time I went home, I started to think about what I would do for the next semester. I don’t want to be distracted by the thing that I love that doesn’t relate to the subject anymore. I don’t want to get 2.4 for my final score anymore. I want to be more focus, work hard and apply the mindset that “school is the place to search for score”, as my friend Dika said once when we ate in the canteen, and that I always deny it for a long time. Let the score be my external motivation right now, because, that’s the way I thank Allah SWT that I’m very fortunate to still be able to stay at school.

I would open the book “Strategi Sukses Di Kampus” again, as the book that I got when I first entered ITB. I want to refresh my mind. I want to feel like a new student that just enters university. I hope I could work hard for this. Subhanallah!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks Rocket Rockers!

My review about Rocket Rockers' new album "Better Season" here, is being link backed to their MySpace page with positive reply.

See it here:

Thank you very much Rocket Rockers!

Went to Sixty Six High School and watched Batman: The Dark Night

After I Shalat Jumat in the afternoon, I met Azis, my kindergarten to junior high school friend at Al-Izhar. It has been almost 6 months that I haven’t met him. He’s now at SGU (Swiss-German University) majoring Technical Industry. He’s same as me that have just enjoying holiday for 2 weeks. But he would start again in September 1st, and I would enter at August 19th. :(

Fulfilling the nostalgic situation, I decided to ask him to watch Batman: The Dark Night together with my high school friends. But actually, the movie in Cinere Mall has gone, and so in Cilandak Town Square. The movie only still available in Pondok Indah Mall which made my high school friends canceled to watch the move, replace by going to Sixty Six High School. So, I went to Sixty Six High school with Ade and Yoga, and postponed to watch the movie in the evening with Azis, Adi, and Syaugi, my neighbours.

In Sixty Six High School

This is the first time ever I went back to my lovely high school, Sixty Six High School for over a year. I saw some differences like the road in front of our school has being bigger and could passed by cars. The building still the same but each classes has their own projectors and PC’s. Cool! Saw in the third floor that there’s a wireless router that shows there’s a hotspot zone in my school! The mosque has also finish built for 1 floor only. There should be built for 3 floors, but I think the budgets weren’t complete, and the unfinished 2nd floor is being used as the natural biology lab.

As we visited our high school, I met Paul and Dedif, our friends, teaching for Rohis kids learning Islamic tambourine to the juniors at the mosque. I met my other friends Ratna and Epep in the second floor teaching for the junior scouts. Then, indoor soccer extracurricular just has being started, and I met Indah, Tari, Cahya, and Shifa as the tutors.

It was a great nostalgic at that time. My biggest surprise at that time is when I saw a poster from Hellen-Keller International Foundation in the wall magazine. There’s me on the poster with my other friends Romi, Nadin, Trias, Trian, and Irfan! I remembered that the picture is taken when I was in XII Social 3 class, campaigning for applying inclusion school in the other schools. The main person who is being showed in the picture is actually Irfan and Trian as the blind person who study in Sixty Six High School. The picture shows that we just walked in the school just like ordinary friendship with all the blinds. This is the first time I saw the picture and I was totally amazed by it! :)

Watch The Dark Night

After visiting my high school, I went home and take a short nap and then wake up again in 17.00. I remembered that I have being promise to watch movie with Adi, Azis and Syaugi. So, I decided to call them and asked them again. Actually, only Syaugi who couldn't join us to watch the movie because he had an appointment with his family. So, Azis, Adi, and I who finally watch The Dark Night. We got the schedule in 20.45. I went to Azis house near Al-Muhajirin Mosque, and went to Adi’s house not far from his house. I asked Adi to use his car to go to PIM because I and Azis’s car is being brought with the parents. So, we depart from Adi’s house at 19.30 and arrived at PIM in 20.15.

Before we depart, we met Adi’s mom in his house and had short conversation with us. Along the road we talk stories about our life at the university. I told about my life at SBM-ITB, and so does Azis in SGU, and Adi in San Francisco.

We all three actually have the same status which all:

1. We all roughly have the same age and same level of education, which is 3rd semester year university student.

2. We live in the same neighbor which is in Jl. Jati Indah.

3. We all joining university that most of the students are in high class of economy. :) In the other hand, from the stories, I actually the person that enters the most “tolerant” high class university, compare to Azis and Adi. I’m actually still able to be ordinary with all the other ITB students. But Azis who have a friend with Rp800.000 in the pocket all day, seems really tempting. :) But you would still amazed by one of Adi’s friends who bought a Mercedes after get stressful to not be able to get an A in one of the subject. :) But in the end, I told that we have to be more principle or to always keep our perception and not being flattered by the things that would make us having a “little heart”.

4. Well, we can’t deny it that we are still single boys that haven’t experiencing any relationship. :)

I got interesting fact that local US kids especially girls are very easy to be flatters by their friendship. Adi said that a lot of girls in US are too easy to say that they are ugly that leaded to the increasing level of plastic surgery. Actually, non local people in America are actually more materialistic that the locals. Adi’s friends from Indonesia are actually more materialistic than the locals. Most of non-American students use cars as their school transportation. Hobbies for guys are modifying cars and for girls is purchasing purse. :) Adi said that it not just an ordinary purse. It’s like Versace and Armani which cost the same like second car which is 4000$. (Hmm, price like that, I would buy a full set band studio. :)) Afternoon side parking in America is free and safe, not like in Indonesia which uses counted hours and often unsafe.

After we arrived in PIM, we bought the ticket and had dinner together in Solaria in PIM 2. We entered the cinema on time there at 20.40. We went back home in about 11 o’clock. Btw, I’m still owing Azis and Adi’s money for the movie and eating in Solaria because I didn’t have time to withdraw cash from ATM. I should’ve giving it back today, but it was funny because, in the morning I went to 3 ATM’s near my house and they all jammed (dead, hang, and electricity off). :) So, I decided it to give the money back tomorrow.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Yesterday was a lot of fun!

After I finally get a holiday I decided to go home to Jakarta to meet my high school friends.

Met my XII Social 3 classmates

Yesterday, I met my third class of my high school friends which is XII Social 3. I met Romi, Agnes, Nunung, Fahmi, Nadin, Trias, Dwi, Loksa, few other friends at Cinere Mall at 12 o’clock. We met at Gramedia and food court. Then we decided to watch local movie “Oh My God”. The movie is great because there are a lot of implicit message in it, which other drama comedy move often only have a few or even none. We finished at 4 o’clock and we ate at KFC.

Romi is my tablemate friend since XI Social 1 class, and we talk a lot about our days at university. He entered Faculty of Law Diponegoro University, Semarang, and he has been home since few weeks. He’s a talented friend and as great knowledge about social and exact lessons. He’s a law student but joined AIESEC, an international economic competition. :0

My friend Nunung, she’s studying in University of Indonesia majoring Publishing and Design. She will take care of any type of media publishing and creating art for it. Then, I talked about Raditya Dika’s new publishing called Bukune. She said that she will take care of any problems of publishing and design using Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Max, etc. Well, it kind of beneficial to me if I want to create any art that she will take care of the publishing. :)

I said to Agnes, my friend who majoring Accounting, that the subject is actually very beneficial to create business in the future. That’s why it’s very hard (for myself actually).

Met few Adi, one of my neighbor

After I went back home, I did pray Maghrib at Al-Muhajirin Mosquse. Because the mosque is close to Adi’s house and I have recognize with Mr. Kamto, the security there. So, as I walked home, I asked Mr. Kamto, does Adi has arrived home from United State or not, and actually he does. So I came by to his house, and met him.

He’s just came back about 1 week and in the middle of August he will be back again to San Francisco, California to continue his study. His junior and high school friend Cio, has the same university as me, SBM-ITB, and he said that he was often make fun to him that always make him angry. :) He told his experience in US that he’s often difficult to eat healthy because McDonald is right in front of his apartment. :)

His apartment after he shared it to 2 of his friends, he paid 400$/month (wow, more than 4 times of my kos-kosan), and he got to his college by car because of distance. He said that the governments there are prioritizing their citizens much from education. He said that his cost with all the non-American citizens for education could cost 3 times more expensive than the citizens. He also said that services are far more expensive than goods. You would find a barbershop for 40$ a service. That’s why he didn’t cut his hair until he went home to Jakarta again (which create his hair grows very long), that makes his father angry to him and to cut his hair. :)

But same as my kos-kosan life, he’s sometimes didn’t take a shower to college because of late, or even have difficulties to eat because of laziness and the food there are pretty expensive. He also said that America is now just like a place of gathering citizens all over the world and doesn’t have their original culture anymore.

Met Onimusha kid

When I arrived home after visiting Adi, I went back home and Yoga and Ade has sat in the waiting chair outside. As I played Rocket Rockers and Pee Wee Gaskins, I talked much about my experience in SBM-ITB, and explaining and describing what’s behind the music I played there. Soon after a while, Made came in and continue to have nostalgic high school moment. We had lunch together at home and had a delicious Oreo ice cream.

I heard that my friend Pasca fell down to the mindset of NII (Negara Islam Indonesia), which is a “sesat” (pervert) movement that using the wrong taught of Islam to bring Indonesia to that wrong “sesat” way. It has been a threat and create fear to the people. This illegal and “sesat” movement would brainwash your mindset to follow them to their rule that the person would avoid their friends and even their family to join the movement. They said that, avoiding friendship is a sunnah (something that will be bless from god), and the evidence who’ve fell to join them said that, we should avoid our parents that “sesat” by their point of view using the name of Quran’s message that being cut one by one and puzzled wrongly.

Allah itself told Muslims to understand the message in Al-Quran correctly because, that’s actually the “manual book” of life and should be connect each other and not being cut one by one and being puzzled to create wring meaning.

Demikianlah Allah menerangkan kepadamu ayat-ayat-Nya supaya kamu memahaminya. Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 242

To avoid the “sesat” (pervert) movement of NII:

1. Avoid invitation by certain/unknown person for only small or individual forum to discuss Syariah value. Discussing Syariah value should be in a big forum that relates to open mind of a lot of person.

2. Be realistic. Islam teaches us to be a good person that menghormati norm and value as a social being. Avoiding good friendship (silaturahim) or even parents that NII believe are totally against the norm, value, and also human as a social being.

3. Don’t be flattered by any promises that some people asked to join the “sesat” NII movement like to be counselor or minister to their movement.

4. Don’t ever trust to spend or donate money to the movement.

5. Their targets are new students that just entered university, using their “want to be active student” spirit to brainwash them.

I showed my videos of my musical performances with Tutor B-and, Sky and Sight, and by myself. In the end, I share some of my mp3s to their collection. It was a great full day that I always wanted to be. Subhanallah!